Xenomorphs Hold Key To Humanity’s Future In New ‘Alien’ Comic Series


In August, writer Phillip Kennedy Johnson will continue his bold contributions to the world of ALIEN in a whole new series of comics!

Featuring the incredible and terrifying artwork of rising star Julius Ohta, STRANGER #1 will launch a new saga will serve as the perfect entry point into the legendary horror/sci-fi franchise for newcomers and a must-read for long-time fans. Filled with exciting revelations and new insights into the ALIEN mythos, this new chapter promises to further explore the impactful themes Johnson presented in the title’s first era as a new cast of characters must go deep into Xenomorph territory. for a chance to fight human extinction. .

A small colony of synths has secretly settled on a swampy moon. When a company of United System soldiers asks them for help in retrieving biotechnology from a hostile planet that could be the key to saving humanity, the Synths must decide whether the prospect of peace between man and machine is worth the risk of betrayal.

“Writing Season 1 of Marvel’s Allien was a horror fanboy’s dream come true,” Johnson said. which are such a crucial part of movies. And while I loved our Season 1, we top it in every way in Season 2.”

“The series kicks off a chapter titled ALIEN: ICARUS, which ramps up the action in a way similar to James Cameron’s 1986. aliens did after the original movie,” he continued. “In ALIEN: ICARUS, readers will meet the legendary synthetic special ops team, led by one of my favorite original Alien characters so far: an unstoppable synthetic named Freyja.

“When disaster strikes a crucial planet in the United System, the entire human population of the system relies on Steel Team to find the long-deserted Weyland-Yutani research and development outpost on Tobler-9, one of the most most hostile in the known universe.Steel Team is the most vicious attack team in military history, and they have never encountered an organic life form that offered them the slightest threat…but they don’t know what awaits them on Tobler-9,” he explained.

“Julius Ohta exceeds all expectations as an artist on the show,” he added. “Every background, every facial expression and emotion, and of course all the environmental creepiness and complete body horror is lovingly rendered by Julius, who is at absolute High of his game right now. I can’t say enough good things about him. Fans are going to be really spoiled. Stay tuned for one of the best and most beautiful ALIEN comics ever made.”

“When I was invited to draw the new ALIEN series, I had a professional and standard reaction: I was happy to be invited and I decided to make it the best work of my life. minutes later it all came together right away – I realized I was going to draw ALIEN… the EXTRATERRESTRIAL. I freaked out (in a really good way) and then I realized the huge responsibility that this franchise bears,” Ohta explained.

“While there is a huge responsibility to bring the series to life, I couldn’t have expected a better reception from the creative team. It’s fantastic to work with Phillip, Sarah [Brunstad] and everyone involved,” he said. “Philip is a genius and also a gentleman and is always looking for something to improve the story. When I start reading the script, I can’t stop until I reach the last page. I could talk about this forever… Sarah is such a nice writer and it’s a dream to work with these guys!”

“The Extraterrestrial The franchise has influenced an entire generation and I am one of the people who have been hugely influenced by the movies, designs, games and more. I hope readers enjoy the series we bring to them,” he concluded.


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