Xbox rolls out controllers for mobile devices


Made for Xbox has released new controllers for Android, iOS, and iPad users who want to have a better gaming experience using Xbox Cloud Gaming.

Xbox released brand new controllers, but this time it’s for Android, iOS and iPad devices. The company has again partnered with Designed for Xbox bring his idea to life. Each announced controller has been created with different hardware capabilities and high-tech attachments to meet different gamer needs. Designed for Xbox, a controller for every gamer with this latest batch, that’s for sure.

In October 2019, Xbox announced that it would venture into the mobile game accessory market. He planned to release material to partner with the Xbox cloud gaming experience. Xbox started with the award-winning Razer Kishi for Android. Over the past three years, the developer has released several accessories that have added to the mobile gaming experience and expanded those additions to include more devices. Now, the latest additions are aimed at players who want to take better advantage of Xbox cloud gaming.


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Made for Xbox, a hardware company that Xbox partners with to produce all types of gaming accessories, has once again filled the void to provide a better mobile gaming experience for Xbox gamers. Gamevice Flex is a compatible box controller for Android and iOS users, which means gamers won’t have to remove their phone cases to attach the controllers – a welcome solution to a frustrating problem. The next controller is the Turtle Beach Recon Cloud Hybrid, which was designed for both mobile and console gaming. It comes with an adjustable phone clip and a switch that switches between mobile and wired console play, among other features.

Xbox gamers who want to enjoy their gaming experience on their iPad can do so with the RiotPOR Cloud Gaming Controller. The Xbox edition supports games on a 7th generation iPad or newer. The controller connects via a Lightning connection and features a wide range of smooth controls, such as D-pad precision and full-size thumbsticks. Last but not least, GameSir X2 Pro Mobile Gaming is a new controller for Android devices. It’s also customizable, with the addition of two additional mappable buttons and interchangeable primary button controls.

It’s also worth mentioning that Xbox mobile games require Xbox Cloud Gaming with Xbox Game Pass Ultimate, which allows players to play on the devices they already own wherever they want. The goal of recent mobile hardware released by Designed for Xbox was to make it the best possible mobile gaming experience by meeting all the needs a gamer might have while on the go.

Xbox has come a long way with its accessories since its debut. From customizable controllers to custom designs based on popular games, the design team knows how to engage fans and spark creativity through their work. With the expansion to mobile gaming, it will be interesting to see if the same attention will be given to customizations for non-console controllers from other console developers. This may open the doors to make the game more accessible for players with disabilities thanks to innovative accessories for consoles and mobile games. The possibilities are endless, but it remains to be seen how far console developers are willing to go for the gaming community.

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