Xbox fan gives his Series X console a pink makeover


Since its release, the Xbox series X didn’t support any customization options, nor did the Xbox Series S. And, while Xbox Design Lab has allowed gamers to create crazy, unique controllers, that option isn’t available on consoles yet. As a result, Xbox fans decided to make their own modifications to their Series X devices. Some gamers simply purchased decals for their consoles online, while others went above and beyond to transform their Xbox Series X in stunning pieces, like a recent fan who posted his creation on Reddit.


Gamers have been able to customize certain aspects of the Xbox platform for years. Xbox Game Pass Ultimate gives players the freedom to choose what, when and where they want to play, while Xbox Design Lab is focused on providing fans with much-loved customization options for their controllers. Unfortunately, however, these benefits have yet to reach Xbox consoles themselves. That hasn’t stopped dedicated Xbox gamers, however.

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Reddit user Geeky-Velvet recently posted a photo to the Xbox sub-reddit titled, “I made my Series X all pretty.” Indeed, the console is a dazzling pink, adorned with ornamental golden butterflies. While many fans have opted to give their systems a makeover, this recent model is definitely as unique as it gets. And, with the ever-growing list of games from Xbox Game Pass titles, now is the perfect time to own the most powerful Xbox on the market.

And, aside from epic fan-decorated consoles, there are hints of Xbox surprises for gamers in June. The Xbox team hinted that unexpected games may be coming to Game Pass Ultimate in a recent blog post. This is an exciting development for Xbox fans who, more than wanting customization, are hoping for more content on the Xbox platform. Game Pass is constantly evolving, which means subscribers always have things to look forward to.

Gamers shouldn’t expect customizable aspects of Xbox systems in the near future, but that doesn’t mean gamers can’t expect to add new details to their consoles. Next-gen consoles are becoming more and more important as many games become exclusive to them, like the next Star Wars Jedi: Survivor, and gamers should expect more opportunities to customize their systems as consoles become more widely available. Until then, gamers and dedicated fans can surely appreciate the artistry of fellow gamers who have gone above and beyond to express themselves with their own unique, personal and stunning game designs.

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