Will The Sims 5 be a mobile game?


Sims fans have received the exciting news they’ve been waiting for: The Sims 5 is officially in development. But some information has surfaced that has raised concerns.

The Sims 5 was officially announced under the working title Project René. According to developer Maxis, The Sims 5 will be the “new future” of the series and will “reimagine the Sims players know and love with even more new ways to play.”

While that sounds exciting, a few details were revealed during a Behind the Sims Summit that hinted at what these “new ways to play” would be like. Fans got a quick glimpse into the game’s development where it was revealed that it could use PC and mobile cross-play. It was this news that had many fans wondering if mobile compatibility would reduce the overall performance of the game.

“PC-Mobile Crossplay is a HUGE red flag”, posted a user on The Sims Reddit forum. “This means the game will be designed to be playable on both platforms, which limits its graphical and gameplay potential.”

However, not all fans were convinced. “I’m not sure this will be fully cross-play. I assume this will end up being a situation where you can use your phone/tablet to create coins and Sims to store in the library, but not actually play”, another user replied. “They claim they want The Sims to be able to do more, and that would be too exhausting for phones.”

Some users were more damning: “If it supports both PC and mobile, you know it’s going to be essentially a mobile game.” Others have expressed concern that if the game commits to extensive mobile gameplay, we might see microtransactions become an extra element.

In a blog post about the recent announcements, EA wrote, “With Project Rene, players will have the choice of playing solo or collaborating with others, and will have the ability to play their game on all supported devices. in charge.”

The Sims 5 is still a long way off. While neither EA nor Maxis have fully confirmed the extent of mobile integration for the upcoming game, it’s likely we’ll see more information emerge over the next few months.


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