What is Adobe Premiere Rush and what can you do with it?


Videos are an integral part of many social media platforms. Sharing content like this can help increase your reach, and you’ll find plenty of editing tools to help. Adobe has Premiere Pro if you want to make videos on your computer, but what’s the alternative for mobile devices?

If you want to edit videos on your smartphone or tablet, you can use Premiere Rush. And if you’re curious about what you can do with it, keep reading. We’ll also let you know if you need to pay for the app.

What is Adobe Premiere Rush?

Adobe Premiere Rush is, in fact, a watered down version of Premiere Pro. You can use the tool to edit videos from your smartphone and put the finishing touches on your project.

You can use Premiere Rush for several types of video projects. Creating reels with Premiere Pro, for example, gives you more flexibility than using the Instagram app, and the same goes for Premiere Rush. If you edit videos directly from your mobile device, importing is simple.

Other reasons you might want to use Premiere Rush:

  • instagram stories
  • TikTok Videos
  • YouTube Shorts

You can download Premiere Rush on iOS and Android devices, and it’s also available on select computers.

To download: Adobe Premiere Rush for iOS | android (Free in-app purchases available)

How much does Adobe Premiere Rush cost?

You can download the app for free if you want to use Premiere Rush. You can also use it all without needing to purchase an Adobe Creative Cloud plan.

Before using Premiere Rush, you must create a free Adobe account. You can also sign in via Google on the app’s homepage.

What can you do with Adobe Premiere Rush?

So now you should have a good idea of ​​what Adobe Premiere Rush is. Let’s look at the specific things you can do with the app. You will learn about some of the most important features in the subsections below.

1. Gather multiple clips

When using Adobe Premiere Rush, editing a video project with multiple clips is easy. You can import content directly from your smartphone camera roll before dragging and rearranging your clips however you like.

You can also use Premiere Rush to resize your video where you will share it later. While many people use it for portraits, editing landscape-oriented videos is also easy.

To import your video clips into Premiere Rush, go to the + button and select Videos. Choose the clips you want to add to your project before pressing blue Create button.

2. Add presets to your videos

Organizing your video clips is only part of the story. If you’re sharing your project online with other people, you’ll probably want to make sure it looks your own. Luckily, Premiere Rush makes editing your videos easy by quickly adding presets.

You will find several presets on Premiere Rush, including some to make your videos more cinematic. You can also use presets that boost contrast, add shadows, and more.

To add a preset to a video clip in Premiere Rush, select the footage you want to edit. Go to Color > Built-in presets and scroll until you find the perfect option.

3. Audio editing

Improving the sound of your videos is a crucial part of your overall project. And if you’re looking to improve in that regard, Premiere Rush is a useful starting point. You can change the volume of each clip and modify several other aspects of the audio.

With Premiere Rush, you can mute parts of your video. Additionally, you can choose whether you want each clip to have audio or music.

To edit the audio for your Premiere Rush project, select the clip you want to edit. At the bottom, scroll down until you see the audio option. Here you will find the tools you need.

4. Add music and sound effects

Adding video and sound effects can dramatically change how others perceive your video project. You can evoke emotions and keep viewers engaged. And when you use Premiere Rush, you have a selection of options in that regard.

In the Premiere Rush app, you can add songs from the Adobe library. You will find different genres, such as country and alternative music. In addition to that, you can choose from several sound effects, such as buzzing bees and purring cats.

When using Premiere Rush, you can also select multiple loops.

To find all of the above effects, go to audio > Browse. In the drop-down menu at the top of the next window, you can choose between Soundtracks, Sound effectsand Loops. Once you find something you want to include in your content, select it and press blue To add button.

Presets are a useful starting point for creative projects. However, you won’t always find the ideal one for your clips. In some cases, you might want to manually change the colors in your footage, and doing that with Premiere Rush is easy.

When editing your content with Premiere Rush, you will find several options. You can adjust hue and temperature, as well as vibrance and saturation. On top of that, you can add fade film and more.

To change the colors of your video, go to Color at the bottom of the screen. If you want to add your effects to all your clips, scroll to the end, there you will find the Applies to all option.

Adobe Premiere Rush: ideal for editing videos on the go

Even if you’re only creating short video content, you’ll still want it to look good. And while you’ll find plenty of video editing tools for your mobile device, Adobe Premiere Rush is one of the best.

Premiere Rush is completely free, but that doesn’t mean you won’t find plenty of great features to use. The app gives you full control over your video projects; importing and exporting clips doesn’t take too long.

Now that you know more about Premiere Rush, why not give the app a try and see what you can create?


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