What could Sony’s PS5 Pro controller look like?


An unknown source has confirmed a new iteration of the Playstation 5 controller. Since the days of the Playstation 3 and Xbox 360, many companies have developed custom controllers for both avid and professional gamers, and many of them offer more custom features, skins and more.

The custom controller industry has been around for a while now, and it doesn’t seem to be stopping. Many companies offer custom joysticks, buttons, paddles and more; Along with these features, these companies offer exclusive skins and color options that gamers cannot get from the console’s retailer. Nintendo was one of the first companies to offer its own “Pro” controller; the controller was announced and released alongside the console, and many owners have used it on games like Splatoon 2, Zelda: Breath of the Wild, and even Super Mario Odyssey.

A few days ago, Tom Henderson, a well-known gaming journalist, posted an article on the Tryhardguides website sharing what might be Sony’s version of the Pro controller. According to the article, Sony is developing its own PS5 Pro controller with many new features that could make it the new standard for gamepads. The Pro version of the controller will have detachable analog sticks, trigger stops, and back buttons.

According to Tom Henderson’s source, the controller looks a lot like the standard PS5 controller with minor differences like the addition of a button under the analog sticks that will allow players to detach the analog stick unit, allowing players to change the stick and its components in case of a malfunction. This will save players a lot of money; a drifting joystick has been the headache for many gamers and the reason for buying new units.

Besides this handy addition, the controller will have grips that appear to be removable. The trigger stops and the paddles will cater to esports and competitive gamers who have been buying SCUF controllers since the esports scene began.

This is great news for PlayStation 5 gamers; an official controller with all of these features should offer the best option for esports enthusiasts and avid gamers. Besides the hardware additions, the Pro Controller will have a few software updates, so it’s safe to say that PlayStation users who choose to make this investment will have the upper hand in future games after the controller’s release.

According to the anonymous source, Sony will likely announce the new controller at the end of this month, so gamers should look for information on this hardware addition to the Sony family.


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