Warning: if you have more than 2,000 Switch games on your console, they will start to disappear


Apparently, it’s literally, physically possible to have too many video games. Such is the case with the Nintendo Switch, which has been discovered to “disappear” games from its system if there are more than 2,000 displayed on it. It’s not that it necessarily deletes unused games, but rather that it simply “hides” them due to a limit on the number of games it can display. So if you remove enough software (not just archive but remove their home screen icon) you will recover the “missing” games.

But we have to ask – two THOUSAND? I play Nintendo video games professionally for a living and only have about two HUNDRED Switch titles. Sure, you can download plenty of demos, but still… if you have that many soft inputs on your Switch, how many are you actually playing? I’ve been playing video games since I was four years old and only finished about four hundred of them (thanks, Backloggery) while trying maybe two to three hundred more. And that’s for a whole bunch of consoles. It’s a simple problem with a simple solution, but it’s one that most people probably won’t encounter in the first place.

But who knows? If the Switch is only halfway through its lifespan, as Nintendo claimed, more and more people could eventually hit that 2,000 notch mark. Although I hope not. I would be worried for most people who have this many video games. Hobbies are good, but surely there is a reasonable limit for everyone, right? Right? Oh who am I kidding, buy 20,000 if you want you crazy kids.

Via: Nintendo Life

Written by Amelia Fruzzetti

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