Vodafone Idea announces new subscription pass for mobile games, in collaboration with Nazara Tech


Vodafone ideaone of the three main telecom services in India, has just announced Video gamestheir own free, subscription-based service that will bring more 1400 Games to its users by collaborating with Nazara Technology. Nazara is an Indian company specializing in sports and games, and having titles like ‘cricket world championship‘ under their belt.

Vi Games will offer games available in Free, Gold and Platinum Passes

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The service is available for users on the Vodafone Idea network and offers games in different genres like action, arcade, casual, racing and others in three different packages. There is a free pack with advertisements and 250+ titles, a Gold Games Passwhich allows players to access 30 games for Rs 50 for post paid and Rs.56 for prepaid plans, while those with postpaid packs costing Rs 499 or more will get access to 5 free Gold Games per month. The third pack is the Platinum Games pack, requiring users to pay for each game individually, with games costing Rs.25 for postpaid plans and Rs.26 for prepaid plans.

In a press release, Avneesh Khosla, Marketing Director, Vodafone Ideanoted, We are seeing a significant increase in gaming consumption in India, with over 95% of gaming enthusiasts using the mobile device to enjoy a wide variety of content. We consider gaming to be a priority area of ​​our digital content strategy, and we intend to create a comprehensive game encompassing most facets of gaming to make Vi a preferred destination for casual and serious gamers.

Final Thoughts

The service mostly offers lower quality games, except for a handful, when compared to what’s available on the market today. Honestly, if you’re considering taking the Gold or Platinum Pass for some reason, take a look at Apple Arcade or Google Play Pass. Both are very cheap but can give you access to games much better than the catalog, which Vi Games currently offers. However, considering the fact that they haven’t done very well in recent years, this could be something that brings them some success and allows them to continue to compete with their competitors in the Indian market, Airtel and jio.

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