Very low CPU/GPU usage, extremely high temperatures PLEASE HELP


At this point I thought my GPU and/or CPU was fried, but I’ll try a last resort to fix my laptop by posting here.

So I have a Razer Blade 15 Advanced Model (Late 2019/Early 2020) with an RTX 2070 Max-Q. I usually stream and play Minecraft, Among Us, CSGO, Fortnite, Splitgate, etc. My laptop is connected to 2 external monitors, a keyboard, mouse, headphones, microphone and an RGB gaming mouse pad. My laptop battery was removed 2 months before all of this because it was about to explode, never replaced it, so it runs on AC only. Ram was upgraded from 16gb to 32gb about a year ago and my ssd from 512gb to 1tb.

1-2 days before this incident, I was playing Modded Among Us (Town of Us) and felt burning plastic coming from my laptop. I looked all over my house and didn’t feel it anywhere until I approached my laptop. So I’m pretty sure something was burning inside my laptop, but I ignored it.

Also, around the same time, I stopped hearing my fans running. Usually it looks like a plane about to take off, but I just assumed it was getting quieter randomly??

About a month ago I was playing Modded Among Us (Town of Us) around 4am and went to bed with my computer on, with the modded Among Us open. My computer always ran hot, but I think that was the last straw. I woke up around 2 p.m.? The computer was still on but it was BURNING. Now I live in an area where it’s always very very cold, like 20(F) degrees outside, and I always leave the window open. However, today was around 70-80 (F) degrees outside and my room was warm. As soon as I get on my laptop, I shut everything down and let the fans run because it’s actually like burning. After about 15 minutes I smell my laptop and it’s much cooler. So I open Discord, modded Among Us (Town of US), my browser and Better Crewlink and get games. Maybe about 30 minutes later my computer crashes. Both external monitors go black, my laptop screen also goes black, all my external gear is on, my headphones sound like a scratched CD (I was vc on discord). I force shutdown by holding down the power button. I turn my computer back on and blue screen. After booting up correctly, the laptop is extremely hot and won’t run for more than 5 minutes and hangs like before. So I left it off for a while to cool it down and turn it back on. Again, won’t work for more than 5 minutes, but this time when it freezes, both external monitors go black, my laptop screen is just my wallpaper (what it looks like usually), I can hear things through my headset normally, and it looks like I can continue playing the game (aside from the fact that I can’t see the game).

At this point, I realize I’m going to have to do something.

While it stays on for 5 minutes, I had enough time to install a computer temperature monitor (CPUID/HWMonitor). I only look at the CPU and see that all my threads are at 100©. This was a few weeks ago, so I can’t remember in what order I did this, but this is what I think I did and the order…

  1. I did a clean install of Windows, but told Windows to keep my files
  2. I’m running a virus scan (I have a high temperature and no CPU usage and I suspect this may be an indicator of malware), I have a RAT that was in one of my files. Could it be a malware problem?
  3. My computer is now clean.

Now the computer does not crash anymore. I reinstalled my apps and tried to play Modded Among Us… Crashed. I thought the fans weren’t working.

  1. I opened my computer and cleaned the fans, they were disgusting
  2. Windows reinstalled, deleting all my files.

Again computer does not crash, tried to play Modded Among Us again and crashes. I thought logically, when the computer crashes, the display stops working, but the rest of the computer is fine, maybe a GPU problem?

  1. I’m deliberately trying to crash the computer by looking at the times, I opened the modded Among Us and the GPU hotspot hits 109© before it crashed. This is most likely a GPU issue.
  2. I look at Event Viewer, I see that before the computer crashes, the Nvida drivers stop responding, the dwm also stops responding. However, according to the event viewer, the Nvida drivers recover from a crash, but the dwm does not.
  3. I do a sfc /scannow and there is 1 corrupted file, I was never able to find out what that meant. When I tried to fix it, it failed.
  4. I reinstall the drivers in the most recent version, it does not solve the problem.
  5. At this point I decide if I completely disable the GPU. I play Among Us (Town of Us) and the computer does not crash. However, disabling the GPU doesn’t allow me to use the two external monitors, which I don’t plan on sacrificing, so I try to re-enable it and the computer crashes. Now I can’t activate the GPU.
  6. I’m running benchmarks to crash the computer on purpose, it’s not. I used 3DMark
  7. Clean install Windows again to enable the GPU and possibly fix the corrupted file.
  8. I now know it’s probably a GPU issue.
  9. I’m trying to run Minecraft with Optifine because I know Minecraft is a CPU primarily process. The computer does not crash. However the CPU is still at 100©.*

* = During all this troubleshooting time, my CPU is at 100©. My usage may be 10% and my times are 100©. It’s the same pattern that continues when I troubleshoot, that fact NEVER changes. Keep that in mind as I describe what happens next.

At this point, I’m spending my day trying to use things that don’t require the GPU as much, however, things are getting worse.

  1. I run Minecraft with Optifine and have a console open with 2 alts, discord, HWMonitor and my browser. I see my GPU reaching 109© and crashing

Now when I run Minecraft (with Optifine) I can’t open anything else because it will crash for sure.

Maybe I just need new thermal paste? I open the computer again, the thermal paste is super dry and disgusting. I applied new thermal paste, and it did absolutely nothing.

Currently Firefox, Discord and HWMonitor are open. My GPU is at 65° and my CPU is at 58°, CPU usage is at 5% and GPU is at 0%. This is the usual temperature when performing this. At idle, everything stays at 58°, GPU and CPU.

I should also note that no other hardware reaches insane temperatures, it’s just my CPU and GPU.

When I play Minecraft I get around 30 FPS my CPU stays at 100© all the time and my GPU fluctuates (VERY VERY QUICKLY) between 70© and 95© it will hit 109© if I do something intense in Minecraft (CPU or GPU related). I can’t play modded Among Us (Town of Us) without crashing in 10-20 minutes, however, I can play modded Among Us (The Other Roles) without crashing. But again, the CPU temperature is at 100° and the GPU stays between 80 and 100°. I also placed a small but very powerful fan under my laptop at all times. I had my laptop on the edge of a table with the fans exposed and I put a real fan underneath so it could cool better.

This is very interesting because Among Us is not a difficult game to run, neither is Minecraft. Before all of this happened, I could play Minecraft at 600FPS without Optifine. With RTX shaders at around 60 FPS. Fortnite, CSGO, PUBG, Splitgate would work great. I also streamed without any problems.

What’s happening on my computer? I miss playing the games I love and streaming. I was about to reach affiliate on Twitch and now everything just beeped. Also, do you think I would get lower temperatures by buying a cooling pad?


Edit: also ran the Intel CPU diagnostic tool, everything passed (attached)

When I mention that I use MInecraft with Optifine, it’s important because Optifine is used to optimize the performance of junk computers. I used it when I didn’t have a gaming laptop. I also mention the Among Us mods I used because vanilla Among Us is very different when it comes to the amount of resources used.

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