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If you’re looking to play intergalactic games on the go, our top list of space-based mobile games includes everything you need. Some of them are paid and if you need money now you may find your loan option at Green Day Online site. There you may discover delaware loans which are specially for Deware residents.

Mobile gaming is often regarded as inferior gaming by people who think they’re “proper” gamers. However, we’re sure they’d alter their mind when they tried some fantastic mobile games that are space-based.

Gaming on mobile devices has advanced an enormous amount since its beginning that sometimes, it’s barely different from PC or console gaming. Modern console games can periodically feature cutting-edge graphic and physical controls, but most games can be easily simulated on a smartphone. Additionally, certain types of gaming are only feasible with mobile gaming or are at the very least best served by the mobile platform.

The range of games available is vast, from the space-based VR game from space VR games to space-based board games. Gaming on the entire is practically inseparable from the black, inky sky overhead. Mobile gaming is no different. Suppose it’s exploring the endless universe or simulating the realistic physics of rockets, or even a science-fiction story that spans the farthest stars. In that case, there’s an abundance of fantastic space-themed games available on mobile platforms.

We’ve examined the top games on the market for space mobile and selected the best of the crop to give you the best experience. The list isn’t in any particular order because every game on this list has an original feature.

10. Last Horizon

  • Release date: 18 November 2015
  • Developer: Pixeljam

Sometimes, games can be impressive in a short amount. Last Horizon is a story about an ethereal future in which humanity has done what they best at and destroyed their planet. As the possible human being left, it is necessary to make long distances across the skies to locate and plant a new one hoping that humanity will be around for the long haul.

The controls in this game are simple. You’ll have a thruster and the ability to rotate the ship. The goal is to jump frog through the universe by landing on planets to recharge your boat to gather oxygen, then use mineral ore to repair damages. It’s a soft landing, particularly with gravity and the planet’s side hazards working against you. Overall, I recommend this for those seeking a memorable experience.

9. Cosmonautica

  • Date of release 31 July 2015
  • Developer: Chasing Carrots

Cosmonautica is a space simulation requiring you to build and run your spacecraft and crew. The goal is to manage a profitable ship. You’ll need cash for accepting tasks, trading goods, or attacking ships.

Cosmonautica is one of the top space mobile games available. There’s a lot to Cosmonautica, and you could spend hours playing before realizing you’ve played it. The only downside is that it requires an adequate-sized screen.

8. SimpleRockets 2

  • Release date: 8 November 2018, 2018
  • Developer: Jundroo, LLC

Change of heart ultimately, SimpleRockets 2 is all about building space-worthy ships. The game lets you make your rocket craft and then manage it in a variety of tasks and difficulties successfully. You’ll have plenty of control over the way your rocket ship appears and performs, but it is also striving at realism, which means you must ensure that your spacecraft is making sense.

There’s a significant barrier to entry to this one; however, as you’ll see however it’s well worth breaking through that wall. It’s pretty tricky to build and fly spacecraft. However, if you’ve ever desired a game that delves deep into the information about astrodynamics, you’ll be hard-pressed to discover a better match for a smartphone than this.

7. Crying Suns

  • Date of release 19 September 2019
  • Developer: Alt Shift

Crying Suns should be the perfect fit if you’re looking to play a more dark version of the space exploration genre. It shares many similarities to games like FTL Faster Than Light, as your primary goal is to speed up your progress through a dystopian landscape while sourcing fuel and battling with enemies and other vessels. The most significant advantage is that you can play the game at any time, and it is a bit more plot than FTL.

Crying Suns can be highly inflexible, with hexagonal-tile-based combat sequences that let you simultaneously ou manage your ship’s weapon inter-ship combat vehicles. But, as it’s turn-based, you don’t have to worry about your actions being swift, and you’ll always be able to put your phone back in your pocket should things become difficult for you.

6. Star Command

  • Date of release 2 May 2013.
  • Developer: Star Command, LLC

Star Command is an actual space-themed mobile game if you’re looking for something more cartoonish and cheerful. It’s not just that the more significant and brighter sprites are a little easier to view on the smaller screen of your phone, and the fun-loving atmosphere and straightforward gameplay make it easy to play into and out of on the spur of the moment.

As Captain as a captain in Star Command, you have to make choices regarding the management of your vessel and the events that occur during different adventures. When you fight off enemies and accomplish your story goals, you’ll be awarded three different colors of tokens which you can use to upgrade your vessel and hire crew members. The system is kept straightforward, even if that is also the fact that combat can take some time before it builds up energy.

5. Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic 1 & 2

  • Release date 23rd December 2014. / 18 December 2020
  • Developer: BioWare

Technically speaking, this game is an ad-hoc cheat since it’s two games that share a space; however, Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic (KOTOR) is one of the most enjoyable experiences you can get on your mobile regardless of what game you choose to play. These Star Wars-themed RPG games are so good in particular compared to the other mobile versions of console games because the gameplay mechanics fit surprisingly well into the portable format.

If you’re not aware, KOTOR uses a turn-based system that lets you stop the action at any moment and then list the steps you’d like your team members to complete. This means that you don’t have to mess around with action games on a screen or have to insert a controller. You can also put your time a pause and think about which options you’d like to attack. Additionally, you’ll get the complete story and experience that These games are famous for. Perfect.

4. Second Galaxy

  • Date of Release Date: September 11, 2019.
  • Developer: Zilong Game Limited

EVE Online was an excellent MMO for space, but it was overwhelming and challenging to master. Second Galaxy is a much simpler version of that identical game; however, it has the advantage of the ability to transfer. You must create your character from various factions, and then explore the galaxy, completing missions while constantly upgrading your personality and the ship.

There’s a lot of social content in The game. This includes players’ alliances playing a vital role in in-game events. The combat system is non-hands-on, requiring you to ensure your ship is in good shape. It’s a free game that is free to play. Microtransactions are available, but the variety of content doesn’t require a financial investment.

3. Space Commander: War and Trade

  • Date of release 4 November 2020
  • Developer: Home Net Games

Space exploration on a large size can be challenging to accomplish, so learning that a mobile game completed it and done it at no cost is quite impressive. Space Commander: War and Trade is a throwback to previous great fun in the same genre, such as Wing Commander: Privateer or Elite: Dangerous. The game’s primary goal is to discover the universe, earn money, and continue to upgrade the ship(s) until you’re the most skilled ship pilot in the galaxy.

For a game that is free to play, Space Commander: War and Trade include advertisements. However, they’re not as intrusive as other similar games. It’s possible to play them periodically for extra credits, or they’ll appear after you’ve completed a task; however, they don’t come with banners or other similar features. It is also possible to take advantage of the entire single-player experience without spending any money. This is a great benefit.

2. Among Us

  • Date of release: November 16 on the 16th of November, 2018.
  • Developer: Innersloth

Suppose you’ve never seen this game before. You’ve likely had your head stuck in the sand. Between Us is a game for social interaction played aboard a spaceship which includes you and a few other players trying to keep the ship running and operating while being pursued by an impostor determined to take you down. When you finish each round, the group must choose a player to take out into the cold, icy void of space in the hope of ridding yourself of the dangers in your midst.

This mobile game comes with numerous advantages, such as it being a completely free application that you can participate in Among Us against people locally in your area. You can also purchase an authentic Among Us account to play on the internet. Still, the possibility of IRL games adds excitement to the social aspect of the gameplay.


  • Release date: 17 September the 17th of September, 2014
  • Developer: Flow Combine

The final item on our list is a bit different. Although SPACECOM is a game of strategy that takes place in space, It differs from others in this list of top space mobile games in that it is only focused on mission-based play. It’s not out to explore the vast universe. Instead, you’re engaged in specific tasks within individual star systems.

A further differentiator is that you’re in charge of whole fleets and units rather than one ship with its crew. The objective of your fleet is to maneuver them around the planet, wipe away weaker teams and control the worlds within an astronomical star system. As you gain control over the ground more, you create more units. Typically, you aim to defeat an enemy in particular or gain control of the entire system. There’s a lot in this article about how easy it is to play, and it’s ideal for a quick gaming session during the daily grind.


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