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BitLife Simulator is an addiction simulation game where you can become anything you want to be. The game offers an endless number of life choices and careers to choose from. On top of that, the game also offers additional benefits to certain players if you are extremely lucky, i.e. taking birth in a royal family. But fortunately, there is another way in which you can take your place in a royal family and reap the benefits. For gamers looking for a hands-on experience, you’ve come to the right place. In this guide, we will discuss how to marry royalty in Bitlife Simulator.

How to Marry into Royalty in BitLife Simulator

Seeking to marry someone who belongs to a royal family is not easy. You have to motivate yourself and work harder to achieve glory. You can get famous in BitLife Simulator by becoming a famous actor or singer or maybe something else that can bring you fame in the game. The main motive lies in acquiring a prestigious position through which you can become famous.

After you have managed to become famous in the game, now is the time to seek to earn money and increase your bank balance. If you are an actor, then you can earn money by appearing in TV shows, talk shows, commercials and photo shoots.

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Apart from these, you should also maintain your health and appearance statisticsas this will also help you play a role in getting in-game relationship offers. You can manage your health and appearance stats by going to the gym often, visiting the salon, waxing and customizing your hair.

When you have already achieved sufficient notoriety and managed to maintain your beauty, they must be patient enough until they are contacted by a member of the royal family. This process can sometimes take time. Alternatively, there is another option here and that of looking for someone to date in the Find someone to love section.

The odds are less though, but if you’re extremely lucky, you might be lucky enough to date a royal family member in BitLife Simulator. The chances of marrying into a royal family increase when you are born in a country with a monarchy. Examples of monarchies are Japan, Jordan, Kuwait, Morocco, Netherlands, etc

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