This single PCIe 4.0 RAID controller can deliver a ridiculous 28,000MB/s SSD bandwidth speed


Have you ever wished for support for eight NVMe SSDs? You think too small. Imagine plugging sixteen NVMe SSDs into your PC. You’ll never have to think about storage for the rest of your life. Well, Highpoint’s new NVMe RAID controllers will enable just that and deliver irresponsible SSD speeds to boot.

HighPoint has launched a new series of RAID controllers (via (opens in a new tab)) which can only be described as too much. The SSD7540 RAID controller supports up to 8 x 8TB NVMe Gen 4 SSDs for 64TB with read speeds of up to 28,000MB/s. The launch trailer above shows that the single card achieves a read score on Crystal Mark of 28,315.27 MB/s and a write score of 27,952.95 MB/s.

If you want it big figures, the demo also shows the results of two SSD750 RAID controllers working together using Highpoint’s Cross-Sync RAID technology (assuming there is room for a second PCIe slot with 16 dedicated electrical lanes). He loads 16 Samsung 980 Pro SSD which achieved read/write scores of 55,909MB/s and 52,555MB/s. That’s right, that’s 16 SSDs, totaling 128TB. HighPoint claims this is “the first time a single NVMe RAID array breaks the 48,000 MB/s barrier”.

The SSD7140A supports Gen 3 SSDs, but also supports up to 8 x 8GB SSDs. However, its read/write speeds are only half as fast as the SSD540. However, 14,000MB/s (28,000MB/s using Cross-Sync) is still quite fast. Consider this a more cost-effective alternative if Gen 4 SSDs are a little too rich for your blood.

HighPoint says target applications for these RAID controllers “would include media editing and production, 3D rendering and design, media capture, high-speed data acquisition, and security systems.”

Anyone who needs 128TB of stupid, fast SSD storage uses it for business and enterprise purposes, given the current price of the best SSDs. Maybe you just need a place to store a copy of every anime ever made. But then, who knows exactly what will happen when the DirectStorage games actually come out. Maybe we’ll need all that fast SSD storage.

The HighPoint SSD7450 RAID Controller is available now (opens in a new tab) for $1099, while the Gen 3 SSD7140A is also available for $729.


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