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This game-changing skin care device

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Rubbing my face with a towel was something I did regularly in my twenties and thirties, until age and dry skin started to take over me, so I quit. There was also the fear of bacteria and germs from using a wet towel.

I never used anything on my face again except water and cleanser until recently. I have never jumped on the skin care device bandwagon, although all of my friends have. The Foreo Luna 3 Plus, however, is a different story.

The Foreo Luna 3 Plus is a large egg-shaped device with hundreds of silicone brushes that pulsate in different settings. It’s a cleaning and massaging device that costs five figures. Despite the cost, however, it’s hard to find a bad review of the Luna 3 Plus. In fact, it was the great reviews online that made me give it a try.

I took pink for normal skin. It connects to the app for massage functions, but you don’t need the app if it’s just for cleaning.

After a week of using Foreo Luna 3 Plus twice a day, I was amazed at how well it cleans my skin without drying it out or irritating it. I have broken skin capillaries and recently had a skin barrier issue so I was skeptical at first.

The egg-shaped device purifies, firms and firms the skin in just two steps. One side with the silicone bristles is for thermo-facial cleansing while the other side is for massage and firming treatments. It is also recommended to use the Luna 3 Plus with the Foreo Micro-Foam Clean. If you are wearing makeup, you must remove it before using the Foreo 3 Plus. The gadget’s T-shaped pulses will help remove stubborn makeup residue and dirt, but not all of them. It is for a deep and effective cleansing, not for a make-up removal.

The other side is for facial massage with two metal pins targeting specific areas that are showing signs of aging. Foreo’s microcurrent technology restores the skin’s natural glow and helps maintain the shape of the face. It is also advisable to use the Foreo conductive serum (called Serum Serum Serum) for massage and care.

When used with the app, the device allows you to customize your routine to suit your individual skin needs. Just select the intensities on the app (I chose 8) and it will sync automatically. I have been logged out of the app twice BUT I would use it anyway as it is very soothing to take care of the skin (even to clean your face) while using it.

What I liked about Foreo Luna 3 Plus:

It cleaned my face very well but gently without stripping too much.

The app is very useful and tells you how to use the device properly.

I haven’t had any facials or cosmetic procedures since the pandemic, so my skin was a bit dull. Using the Foreo Luna 3 Plus has solved this problem. My skin became brighter and more glowing in three weeks.

The silicone bristles of the Luna 3 Plus never get dirty or dirty. The device is waterproof and very easy to clean. I just rinse the part where I put the product and wipe the other areas.

The brushes are not abrasive.

Charging is not a problem. A full charge equals hundreds of uses.

Using the Luna 3 Plus is truly a treat for the skin. One of the things I really love about it is that it cleans up areas that I had previously neglected, such as the inner corners of my eyes and the sides of my nose.

For the downsides, there are only a few:

At P19,000, the device is expensive. But if you can afford it, splurge. It is a good investment for your skin.

There is a slight tingling when using the device’s target micro-current function. If you are sensitive to this, I suggest you read other reviews if you want to buy a Luna 3 Plus.

The Foreo Luna 3 Plus is available on sephora.ph and Lazada for 19,000 P. You get the serum 30 ml for free. Separately, the serum costs around P3,000. The facial cleanser costs around P3,600. It’s a pretty big financial commitment, but I think it’s about spending all the money I saved by not having facials and other cosmetic treatments to make that investment in skin care. the skin. Do I regret purchasing the Luna 3 Plus? I do not. Skin care is one of my rare luxuries in life and I think the purchase was worth it.