The Walking Dead mobile game apparently steals Resident Evil 2 artwork


A bizarre situation has arisen which seems to show that The Walking Dead: Survivors, which is a mobile game based on the popular multimedia franchise, stole the artwork for Capcom’s remake of Resident Evil 2 for promotional purposes. While those responsible for The Walking Dead: Survivors have apparently killed the ad in question since its discovery, with many wondering if Capcom has grounds to take legal action over the situation.

This whole thing happened just recently when a user on social media discovered that an ad for The Walking Dead: Survivors who was seen on Instagram appeared to have stolen the box art of Resident Evil 2. The new version of this art simply superimposed two characters from Survivors above keyframe for RE2 and added the game logo at the top. The background of the image, which contains a number of zombies and the iconic Raccoon City police station, has not been changed at all. Additionally, many also pointed out that Claire Redfield’s pistol of the Resident Evil 2 The box art was still visible in the image, showing that this photo edit was poorly done.

As soon as this was discovered, many wondered if it was even legitimate. After all, it’s hard to believe that those who work on The Walking Dead: Survivors would be so sloppy in a situation like this. A user ended up locating the specific ad through Facebook’s internal ad library and verified it to be real. Since this was found, however, it appears that promotional material featuring this stolen image has since been removed.

This whole situation gets even more bizarre when you factor in a conversation with those who work on The Walking Dead: Survivors which appeared on Reddit. According to this alleged interaction that a user has had, those who work on Survivors justified the action because the characters in Resident Evil 2, Leon Kennedy and Claire Redfield, were not seen in the edited image. As such, the version they were using for advertising purposes did not infringe “any copyright infringement.”

There are still a lot of questions to be asked about this situation even though the marketing material that gave rise to this story is no longer in circulation. We reached out to Skybound Entertainment for a comment on this. We will be sure to update this story if we have any news or if there are any further developments.


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