The Shining Force mobile game is apparently dead


the Brilliant strength mobile game has apparently been cancelled. Shining Force: Heroes of Light and Darkness Was originally supposed to come to iOS and Android devices this year, but development has stalled on the game, so the franchise is dormant once again.

Why was Shining Force: Heroes of Light and Darkness canceled?

From major Japanese tactical RPG franchises like fire emblem gained popularity in the West, the hope seemed to be that a Brilliant strength mobile game could replicate their success and revive the franchise. However, it looks like that won’t happen. According to at TouchArcade (which cites articles from the Japanese platform Gamecast and the Korean site GameMeca), development on Shining Force: Heroes of Light and Darkness officially ceased due to rising costs and delays. It seems like the developers were just not sure if the game would find its audience, unfortunately. You can take a look at the Brilliant strength mobile game trailer here to see what could have been.

According to to Gamecast, Heroes of Light and Darkness Developer Vespa has been operating in the red for some time and has therefore scaled back its plans. GameMeca say that Vespa has also lost money continuously over the past two years, so the situation is dire. One of the first projects to go was this one Brilliant strength mobile game, as development time and costs began to skyrocket. The other projects of Vespa, tower defense RPG King’s Raid and…uh…tower defense RPG defenders of timeare apparently unaffected by the studio’s financial difficulties.

What will happen to Brilliant strength now?

It is poetically tragic that this cancellation falls on the year of Brilliant strength 25th anniversary of the franchise. Fans have been eagerly waiting to play this latest iteration of the long-running strategy RPG series, even though it will come in the form of a free-to-play mobile game. The game looked like a fairly traditional Brilliant strength RPG, though backed by microtransactions, so it’s a shame this cult hit series doesn’t get the revival it deserves. The franchise’s future is unclear, but Vespa appears to be looking for someone to reclaim the rights if Gamecast is to be believed (though we’re using machine translation for its article, which is in Japanese).

Shining Force: Heroes of Light and Darkness was set to bring the series’ tactical RPG gameplay to mobile, but it looks like it won’t see the light of day now.

Cancellations like this are all too common in the gaming world, unfortunately. In recent months, anticipated projects like that of Michel Ancel Savage have been closed, while studios like Paradox Interactive have closed projects in order to focus more on niches they already know they can reach. Fortunately, if you want to play Brilliant strengthyou can consult the Genesis Classics collections, which are available on PC, PlayStation, Xbox and Nintendo Switch. If you only play one, do it Brilliant Force II. Trust us.


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