The release date for the groundbreaking device, The Frontiers, was announced in November through a merchandise promotion


The new Gamescom trailer will officially announce a release date (Picture: Sega).

Promotional material likely gave the release date for Sonic Frontiers, with a new Netflix series arriving the following month.

While Sega shared new details and gameplay footage throughout June, there are still plenty of details floating around the game that are being kept under wraps, including when it was released.

Sega insists the game is set for a winter release, but some fans believe it will be delayed. If a new trailer is already available for the game and this date is definitely saved. But it looks like the upcoming trailer took place long before that.

The video retail company has released the game and merchandise, with the games release date of November 15.

The material also mentions DLC, although there is no evidence that this will include new levels, playable characters, or just simple cosmetics.

Among the merchandise are the game’s posters, where Sonic and some of his friends stood alongside little gray creatures.

It’s not yet clear what role they might have in this game, but they’ll likely be allies or may need to be rescued, as this way Sonic would save very few animals in previous games.

Fans on Twitter let the image see what else it should contain. While confirming that Tails, Knuckles, and Amy will appear, there’s one noticeable dark spot that undoubtedly hides more characters that haven’t yet been announced for the game.

YSonic Frontiers is worthy of this art. Yes

Cy (@Cybrid101) August 18, 2022

Reddit user FahdaadTD first noticed this site and you can get it here.

A new trailer for the game was found in Japan, so it’s now on the internet. It’s only 30 seconds long and doesn’t reveal any new details except for a short snippet of what sounds like the video game’s vocal theme.

Take a look at the new Japanese #SonicFrontiers ad that aired on @TVTOKYO_PR today. #SonicNews

The aortic wave is known as the iayle.

This seems pretty important to Sonic fans because the Netflix series, Sonic Prime, is already releasing in December just a month after Sonic Frontiers.

According to a report, this is a reality show interview with the writer and producer who both produces the live action, Sonic.

The show will be a multiverse story, with Sonic once again having to rescue his friends and foil all of Dr. Eggman’s new developments.

Netflix and Sega have only shared a few short clips so far, all in Green Hill Zone; the only other character that aside from Sonic has been, the only other in the movie is Scarlet (who will also appear in the next movie) and, oddly enough, Big the Cat.

PlayStation 4 game is Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, Xbox X/S, Xbox 5 and PC.

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