The popular third-person shooter “Warframe” is coming to iOS devices soon!


Warframe is a popular third-person shooter online game with a multiplayer element developed and published by Digital Extremes in 2013. Since its release in 2013, the third-person shooter has maintained a strong fanbase, amassing nearly 50 million registered users by 2019. .

In Warframe, players control members of the Tenno; a race of ancient warriors who have awakened after centuries of suspended animation far into Earth’s future to find themselves at war across the planetary system with various factions. Still popular after many years, it’s no surprise that the free-to-play PC/console multiplayer game is getting a mobile version.

Warframe will soon bring its stunning graphics and action-packed gameplay to mobile platforms

Warframe Mobile was officially announced in 2021 at TennoCon, but little information was shared regarding the release at the time.

Much like the PC/console version of the game, players will have the option of controlling a member of a race known as the Tenno; a group of warriors who use advanced weapon units. Players can upgrade and customize these Warframes through gameplay.

It is very likely that Warframe Mobile players will be offered features similar to those available in the game on consoles and PC; allowing players to engage in fast-paced battles using various unique abilities, parkour moves, and a variety of ranged and melee weapons. Missions can be completed for in-game currency and rewards, while gear can be upgraded with mods.

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There isn’t much information on what kind of gameplay players will be able to experience on Warframe Mobile, but will likely feature PVP and PVE elements. The gameplay trailer shown at TennoCon 2021 revealed cross-play between all other versions and the existence of cross-progression with stunning visuals.

The release date has not yet been confirmed by the publishers, however, there is a strong possibility that the game will come to iOS and Android platforms. At the moment we also don’t know which devices Waframe will be compatible with. Chances are, gamers need a modern device that can smoothly run the game’s stunning graphical power, as it features cross-play.

You can check out last year’s TennoCon gameplay reveal for Warframe below:

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