The Nintendo Switch has sold over 25 million units in Japan and is now the third best-selling console in the country’s history


The Nintendo Switch has sold over 25 million units in Japan and is now the third best-selling console in the country's history

The Nintendo Switch has once again taken a new step. The console juggernaut had previously been on what many consider to be one of the biggest selling streaks in video game history, having only recently been usurped by the PlayStation5 as the most popular hardware platform. sold in United States history. Despite this, the Switch continues to be the breed maker for Nintendo, which was highlighted by a new report from Japanese publication Famitsu, where they reported that the Switch has now sold over 25 million units in the world. country. According to video game statistician Daniel Ahmad, this, in addition to overtaking the 3DS in terms of sales, makes the Nintendo Switch the third best-selling console in Japanese history.

As you can see in the tweet above, the Switch’s lifetime sales numbers are rapidly approaching the two consoles that are currently above the list. Interestingly enough, these two consoles are handhelds, the Game Boy and Nintendo DS, which sold over 32.4 and 32.9 million units respectively in Japan. It’s also important to note that the Game Boy and Nintendo DS were both released in their home countries on April 21, 1989 and November 21, 2004. That’s quite a big difference between their respective launch dates and today. today. The Nintendo Switch in comparison launched on March 3, 2017, just over five years ago, and it’s already on track to surpass the Game Boy and Nintendo DS sales figures. It’s a huge testament to the Switch’s popularity and insane demand.

This meteoric rise is not exclusive to Japan either. The Switch was also a monster hit in the United States, which was noted when the system became the fourth best-selling console of all time in the country. It also helps that the Nintendo Switch has an impressive library to boot, some of which have sold an astronomical amount like the unstoppable juggernaut that is Animal crossing a new horizon which has sold over 7.26 million units, and way more than that worldwide. As we’ve said before, we wouldn’t be surprised if/when the Switch eventually takes over and becomes Japan’s best-selling console of all time, and with more titles on the way, the likelihood of that happening soon is very high.



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