The New Tales of Luminaria is a mobile game


Tales of Arise can be considered the Monster Hunter World moment of the series. The big global breakthrough for a franchise that has always been somewhat under the mainstream radar despite its solid and fun games.

With that in mind, Bandai Namco has capitalized on the franchise’s levels of hype by already announcing the upcoming title: Tales of Luminaria. It’s a mobile game though – “Perfect, now I can play Toilet Tales” or “not like this”? Here’s the new trailer before we go any further:

First off, Tales isn’t new to mobile.

Wallet-kun: Oh no, he does this thing again!

In fact, this is a quick follow-up to the latest in a series of mobile titles, Tales of Crestoria, which released last year – compared to the five-year wait since 2016’s Tales of Berseria on console. Crestoria is F2P, has flashy 3D graphics, and, yes, it’s a gacha game.

For those who are fed up with riding for waifus, Tales of Luminaria is however not confirmed to have a gacha system! What we do know is that it’s still F2P, has 21 characters who will all have their own chapters released episodically – all of them promised to be unlockable via story mode.

Can you already spot your waifu?

A challenger for Genshin Impact?

From the official gameplay snippets (which are apparently portrait-only mode, odd) we can see that the overworld and real-time combat looks good and feels pretty solid.

Another bonus is that the game will be fully dubbed which will give it that extra big budget feel to compete with a certain Genshin Impact. You have to admit that miHoYo’s masterpiece is the benchmark for a mobile RPG these days and most newcomers will likely judge Luminaria by that rather than the main Tales games.

If Luminaria is successful then we all know mobile games make money and that would be good for the future of the series as a whole, but we can’t help but imagine the potential for it to be. it was also released on multiple platforms.

Luminaria will also get an anime adaptation

At the very least for mobile game enemies, Tales of Luminaria has also been confirmed to receive a full anime adaptation to go with it!

Entitled “Tales of Luminaria the Fateful Crossroad”, it will allow you to catch up with the plot of the game Federation Knights versus Empire Soldiers even if you refuse to load it on your smartphone. It will be available through Funimation.

But why yet …

Pre-registration is also open.

There are opinions online that after Tales finally goes ‘legit’, Bamco is ruining its new momentum by making a mobile game rather than focusing on the next ‘correct’ installment in the series. Although that’s probably been in the works for a while anyway, as part of the 25th anniversary releases.

Series veterans will no doubt complain even more about the franchise’s dilution with another mobile game after Arise himself changed some long-standing traditions.

What do you think? Is Tales of Luminaria another step in the right direction to revitalize the 25-year-old series? Or would it be better if they also kept this budget in the next major installment?


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