The Horror Survival Game, Slender: The Arrival, Coming To Mobile In October



The Horror Survival Game, Slender: The Arrival, Coming To Mobile In October

It’s officially October, so you know what that means. Thrills, jumps and scary things come your way. Among them there will be Slender: The Arrival is making its way into the mobile gaming scene. Slender: The Arrival is a reinvented version of the video game, Slender: the eight pages, created by Mark Hadley, originally released in 2012. In order to create this new and improved survival horror game, Blue Isle Studios, an independent game design company based in Toronto, Canada, partnered with the writers of the very terrifying Marble Hornet series to create a whole new story fully developed with a new set of characters and dramatically improved visuals. Slender: The Arrival was just announced on Blue Isle Studios’ Twitter earlier today.

If you have already played the original version of the game on Steam or via game consoles, this updated version will be highly worth replaying. Slender Man will now stalk players at all times, breathing down your neck at every turn in the Dark Forest. The senses will be blunted by the thickness of the night, so there will always be a stranger. Game developers have promised that the disturbing visuals and haunting sounds will make it one of the most terrifying games available this year. If you are not convinced that Slender: The Arrival will have you rocking and screaming in fear, check out the trailer below.

An element of competition will be added to the mobile version with rankings that follow those who are able to survive the longest. There will be a Daily High Score, a Weekly High Score, and an All-Time High Score. The game will be available on iOS and Android devices for $ 4.99 USD, although the game is recommended for tablets. There will be controller support for iOS devices, and is highly recommended to enhance the gaming experience. Currently, it is available for pre-order on the App Store and on the wishlist for google play.




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