The Destiny mobile game may be in production


Bungie, the previous developers of Halo and who continue to work and update Destiny 2, are potentially working on a new mobile game based on the destiny franchise. This potential project came about after the recent posting of several Bungie job postings.

Three job postings have been listed by Bungie that draw considerable attention to this rumor. Of which the first is for a Artistic director, who describes the role as someone who “will work with both an internal team and external partners to ensure we have a great Destiny experience for players“.

While responsibilities are general things that you would expect from a job like this, like setting a clear vision for the project and ensuring consistency of quality in all illustrations, a request under “Required Skills” draws attention. considerable. He asks someone who has “shipped at least one AAA or grand mobile title as art director ”. This rather specific demand for experience in the mobile space is a good reason to believe that the destiny mobile game may be in production.

Two other desirable skills in the job description are important to consider:

  • Willingness to travel to China and / or host visits from partner teams on a regular basis (probably every 2-3 months)
  • Fluency in the Chinese language is a plus

This is important for rumors because Bungie is currently in partnership with a Chinese games company called NetEase Games, which is one of the major developers and publishers of mobile games. It’s safe to assume that NetEase may be working on mobile gaming with Bungie, and the art director will work with both.

The other two positions Bungie is hiring for are Executive producer, and one Senior test manager, which is for someone who “cares deeply about Destiny IP and will find joy in supporting external partners.” However, the most important part of both of these roles is asking for experience in the large mobile gaming space.

Given all of this information, we have good reason to believe that a mobile game for destiny could very well be on the way, and we’ll be keeping an eye out for any further updates on these rumors.

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