The American Association adds in-game data tools Rapsodo Stadium


MLB Partner League American Association adds real-time metrics via the first device designed to provide live data in-game: Rapsodo Stadium.

Rapsodo Stadium units have been installed in the American Association’s Milkmen of Milwaukee and Lincoln’s Salt Dogs ballparks, as well as four MLB facilities, with further deployments coming this fall in preparation for the 2023 season.

The two organizations partnered last year to bring Rapsodo’s technology, education, analytics support and testing access to American association teams to further improve player skills and showcase league talent. With the launch of the new product, the American Association’s has extended its partnership to a new three-year agreement to make Rapsodo its exclusive game data provider. Using the full line of Rapsodo products, players and coaches can refer to the same metrics to accurately analyze how an athlete’s performance translates from training to play.

Rapsodo Stadium works by placing two dual stereo camera systems on the pitch to track 100% of the ball’s flight. This completely optical approach is similar to those used in MLB baseball stadiums and produces the same pro-grade data, but is designed to be accessible to more levels of play. Rapsodo Stadium will provide the same batting and throwing data for which Rapsodo’s training tools are familiar, while providing an in-game measurement tool for individual data comparison. The device will capture the full 3D rotation of the ball, as well as the orientation of the seam for the first time. Beyond measuring data, Rapsodo’s Stadium app functions as a digital accounting tool, providing players, coaches and scouts with perfectly matched game data as well as game results to see cause and effect.

“Rapsodo has been adding value to the game of baseball and softball for years, ultimately becoming a trusted industry-wide source relied upon by all 30 MLB teams,” said Batuhan Okur, Founder and Rapsodo CEO, per press release. “The addition of Rapsodo Stadium will complement our current product offerings and improve the overall user experience. Using our technology in both areas will help to seamlessly identify specific strengths and weaknesses. As players of the AAPB league are striving to advance their careers and be noticed, we hope this technology can help showcase the immense talent and range of players in the league.

“The American Association is excited to take the next step in our relationship with Rapsodo and bring Rapsodo Stadium to our ballparks,” American Association Commissioner Joshua Schaub said in a news release. “Our players and clubs will have immediate access to cutting-edge data from one of the most innovative and respected names in sports technology, and we see many ways the data will also improve the fan experience at the both in the stadium and through our social media platforms”.

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