The 10 best farming games for mobile


Some people don’t have powerful gaming PCs or the latest consoles. Even if you did, sometimes you might want to play on the go. You can get a portable console like the Nintendo Switch or Steam Deck, but there are also plenty of amazing video games you can play on your phone.

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You don’t need to have the latest phone or tablet to play most mobile games. The ordinary smartphone you own is enough to have a good time. Below is a list of the best farming games to play on mobile when you’re away from the keyboard and need a little zen or distraction.


ten Guangzhou (Android, iOS, Windows Phone)

  • Industrial agriculture

  • Build a farm and a town

  • Solve villagers’ problems

Township is more of a tycoon type game. He leans towards industrial agriculture rather than inheriting your grandfather’s estate. One half of the game is expanding your farm and building a business through your crops and animals. The other half of the township is to build a town. Sell ​​your product to the townspeople and create a prosperous town that depends on your farm. There is also a mining system in the game to collect special resources.

9 Mini Mini Farm (Android, iOS)

  • JRPG-style

  • cookie clicker

  • Exploration

This is a short and enjoyable little farm game to play while relaxing or in a long line. You play as a small, pre-made character in a pixel RPG world. To play, all you have to do is tap. Tapping in front of objects changes the action you perform. This makes the gameplay very simple and easy to consume. Villagers will send you requests to your mailbox to complete, and you can explore the forest around your small farm for resources. There’s not much else to do in the game, but it’s simple and relaxing.

8 The Farm: Sassy Princess (Android, iOS)

  • Fishing

  • several seasons

  • make a family

The Farm: Sassy Princess has lots of fun and unique characters that you can interact with and build relationships with. You can romance up to three characters and start a family. Respond to requests from villagers and set out to farm in good company. The game also features fishing, which is always a relaxing mechanic that many life sim players love.

seven Big Farm: Mobile Harvest (Android, Microsoft Windows)

  • Industrial agriculture

  • Online game

  • Take care of the animals

This is another industrial farming tycoon game that you can play on your phone. There are changing seasons that will affect how your farm looks and what you can sell or buy.

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The game can be played online, connecting with other players to complete quests and develop farms. You will have to manage the nearby village and take care of the farm animals.

6 Rilakkuma Farm (Android, iOS)

  • Cute visuals

  • Decorate

  • To cook

Rilakkuma is a popular fictional brown bear made by a Japanese company called San-X. Anything to do with him is bound to be adorable and cute. Now there’s a farm game for the cute little guy, with bright and colorful graphics, where you can find Rilakkuma and his friends chilling out on the farm. You can decorate your farm with cute furniture and take your crops to the bakery to bake delicious breads.

5 Pocket Vegetable Garden (Android)

  • Cute visuals

  • Kitchen

  • protect the farm

This is a farm-to-town game where the villagers are cute cartoon animals and the graphic style and color palette are sweet and cute. The game is easy to watch and even easier to play. There are several tasks and projects to complete outside of farming, such as a tourist boat area to repair and manage, flowers to grow, and villagers to sell items and make happy. You’ll even have to protect your farm from pesky waffles.

4 Sumikkogurashi Farm (Android, iOS)

  • Cute visuals

  • Decorate

  • Customize your characters

Sumikkogurashi is another set of adorable fictional Japanese characters, created by the same company that makes Rilakkuma. Sumikkogurashi are innocent and cute creatures that sometimes look like two animals in one. This farm playset incorporates the adorable San-X style. Tons of different Sumikkogurashi characters will roam your farm and help water the crops, while you dress them up in the cutest outfits. It’s a simple game for those who like small characters and decoration.

3 My Dear Farm Early Access (Android, iOS)

  • Cute visuals

  • Character Customization

  • Decorate

Yet another cute farm game with a sweet and unique graphic style. This is an early access game that is constantly being worked on. You control your own small farm and create your own character. There are different skin tones and hairstyles to choose from. In your farm, you can decorate your environment and expand your land.

2 Line Brown Farm (Android, iOS)

  • Fishing

  • Collect Little Brown characters

  • Decorate

Line Friends is a South Korean set of fictional characters that include adorable bears and bunnies. Line Brown Farm means exactly what you think. Cute Line characters enjoying country life and the home you make for them. The basis of this game is farming, but you can interact with all Line Friends characters to complete quests and trigger events on your farm. There is a short story to follow, and you need the help of these adorable friends to complete it.

1 Blocky Farm (Android, iOS)

  • Voxel

  • Time change system

  • Fishing

If you love voxel-style games or want a game reminiscent of Minecraft, look no further. Blocky Farm is a tycoon game where you can go fishing, care for animals and expand your farm. Villagers can be found and interacted with to build relationships and complete tasks. You can even connect with other players online and take part in epic farming competitions.

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