Tales of Luminaria, the new Tales mobile game, now available for pre-registration


For all the Japanese RPG fans who have been waiting for a good mobile title, you’re in luck: the recently announced Tales of Luminaria are now available for pre-registration on the Google Play Store. This mobile title promises to have as much gameplay as its console cousins, with plenty of playable characters and a rich and interesting world to explore.

The game was first unveiled at Gamescom earlier this year, with a short trailer showcasing the game. Luminaria is Tales’ second mobile title, the first being Tales of Crestoria. For those who can’t wait for the mobile version, Tales of Arise, the last in the main series, was recently released on consoles and PC.

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The backstory is that the world is caught in a war between two nations fighting over something called the primordial beasts. Each of the protagonists belongs to one of three camps: the Jerle Federation which lives in harmony with the beasts, the Gildlan Empire which has extracted natural resources from the beasts, or the adventurers who are not part of either of the two nations but who watch for the beasts independently. Playing out each character’s story will reveal a new perspective on the world.

Luminaria will have 21 playable characters, each with their own moveset and style. Bandai Namco describes the game as an overall adventure, each of the heroes being interesting in their own right: “Each of the 21 protagonists has a different goal and a distinct storyline in which they must follow the path they believe in. Despite frustrating challenges, they grow steadily and face them strongly! “

Tales of Luminaria does not have a release date at the moment. You can pre-register for the game on his Google Play Store page.


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