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TAIPEI (Taiwan News) – The Central Epidemic Command Center (CECC) announced on Monday (December 27) that Taiwan’s COVID vaccine digital certificates will be available from Tuesday (December 28).

On December 21, the EU announced that it would accept COVID-19 digital passports issued by Taiwan as equivalent to its own digital certificates. At a press conference on Monday, the CCCB announced that Taiwan’s “COVID digital health certificates” will be available for download from Tuesday.

The EU’s COVID digital certificate system has integrated 60 countries and territories on five continents, including 27 EU member states and 33 non-EU member states. The United States has started accepting passengers with EU certificates, and the International Air Transport Association (IATA) has urged countries to follow the standard, increasing the number of countries that accept the certificate.

CECC pointed out that the data fields, digital signatures, anti-counterfeiting mechanisms, personal data protection, QR code display and Taiwan digital certificate inspection results comply with the standards of the ‘EU, in particular with regard to the protection of personal data. They can be downloaded from digital vaccine certificate website from 8:00 a.m. by anyone who has been vaccinated or has undergone a PCR test in Taiwan and holds a valid passport.

There are three steps to obtain the digital certificate:

  1. Confirm identity
    • Taiwanese citizens choose one of the following three options:
      – Identity number, health insurance card number and valid passport number
      -FIDO (Fast Identity Online) certification and valid passport number
      -Certificate of natural person and valid passport number
    • Foreign residents:
      – Health insurance number (統一 證號) and health insurance card
      -UI number and entry / exit permit number
      -UI number and passport number
  2. Select either “Digital Vaccine Certificate” or “Digital Test Result Certificate”
  3. Obtain a certificate:
    -Click on “download / print digital certificate” when a screen indicating a successful request appears.
    – The file is in PDF format.
    – It is recommended to save the file to a mobile device or desktop hard drive before printing it.
    -Those who do not have a printer but wish to print it can opt for the troubleshooter option on the successful application screen. Click on “get print code from convenience store”. The system will generate the barcode or convenience store pickup number, which can be displayed to store staff for printing.

The CECC has stated that it is acceptable to present a QR code in print format or on a mobile device. A color coded message will then appear depending on whether or not the system accepts the digital certificate.

The center informed the public that different countries may have different verification methods. These digital certificates are only intended for use abroad; a domestic is still under development.



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