Study shows most popular video game console by state


A study claims to reveal the most popular video game consoles in each state between PS5, Xbox Series X and Nintendo Switch.

The “console wars” have been going on for decades, whether it was Nintendo taking on Sega in the 80s or 90s or the battles between PlayStation and Xbox raging today. Video game players themselves participate in the console wars, often arguing over which console has the best games and features. These types of debates are unlikely to go away, but there is now data that could reveal which console is most popular in each US state.

Spades Challenge analyzed Google searches from the past year to determine the most popular video game console in each US state. Based on this data, the PlayStation 5 appears to be the most popular game console in most states, having the most Google searches in 21 US states. The Xbox Series X is a close second, claiming victory in 19 states. And finally, the Nintendo Switch came third, proving to be the most popular in 10 states.


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Of course, it’s worth pointing out that this might not be the best way to determine how popular a console is in any given state. For example, it’s possible that PS5 searches in one state are so high compared to another because more people in that particular state were having trouble getting their hands on it and trying to find a way to buy a PS5 in line. A state-by-state breakdown of sales data would yield more accurate results.

  • Alabama – PS5
  • Alaska – Xbox Series X
  • Arizona – PS5
  • Arkansas – Xbox Series X
  • California – PS5
  • Colorado – Switch
  • Connecticut – PS5
  • Delaware – PS5
  • Florida – PS5
  • Georgia – PS5
  • Hawaii – Switch
  • Idaho – Xbox Series X
  • Illinois – PS5
  • Indiana – Xbox Series X
  • Iowa – Xbox Series X
  • Kansas – Xbox Series X
  • Kentucky – Xbox Series X
  • Louisiana – PS5
  • Maine – Switch
  • Maryland – PS5
  • Massachusetts – PS5
  • Michigan – Switch
  • Minnesota – Switch
  • Mississippi – PS5
  • Missouri – Xbox Series X
  • Montana – Xbox Series X
  • Nebraska – Xbox Series X
  • Nevada – PS5
  • New Hampshire – Xbox Series X
  • New Jersey – PS5
  • New Mexico – Xbox Series X
  • New York – PS5
  • North Carolina – PS5
  • North Dakota – Xbox Series X
  • Ohio – Xbox Series X
  • Oklahoma – Xbox Series X
  • Oregon – Switch
  • Pennsylvania – PS5
  • Rhode Island – PS5
  • South Carolina – PS5
  • South Dakota – Xbox Series X
  • Tennessee – Xbox Series X
  • Texas – PS5
  • Utah – Switch
  • Vermont – Switch
  • Virginia – PS5
  • Washington – Switch
  • West Virginia – Xbox Series X
  • Wisconsin – Switch
  • Wyoming – Xbox Series X

It would be interesting to see what the results would have been had the Nintendo Switch been taken out of the equation. Arguably, the Nintendo Switch isn’t really in direct competition with PlayStation and Xbox, as it doesn’t compete with those consoles in terms of power, and it came out three years before either of them even released. comes to market. The Switch really does occupy a niche of its own, although in terms of sales it eclipses both the PS5 and Xbox Series X at the time of this writing.

Over time, it’s likely that the PS5 and Xbox Series X will become the top-selling consoles, as they’re both currently hampered by supply chain issues and chip shortages. Sony expects PS5 shortages to continue until around 2024, so it will be interesting to see how this card might change if the study is repeated a few years later.

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Source: Spade Challenge


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