Steam Deck user drops device in tub, fixes it with alcohol


Like any other electronic device, it’s best not to expose the Steam Deck to water, but this person managed to save theirs from a wet death.

Since its release in February, the steam bridge has been making waves in the gaming industry. With Valve resuming production of its mobile device, those who pre-ordered should see theirs arrive by the end of this year. Part of the appeal of Steam Deck is that it offers more than just the ability to play games on the go, with the ability to install Windows and use it like a personal computer. However, like any electronic device, exposing it to water can affect its functionality.


As spotted by PCGamesN, Reddit user smallmouthbackus discovered that the Steam Deck is by no means invincible after dropping his in a bathtub. This story has a happy ending, however, as they were able to save the device by taking it apart piece by piece and then putting it back together. What’s interesting about this is that they used 99% alcohol to give it a good clean. A video shows them reassembling the Deck, with a successful start, and the user saying waiting for it to turn back on “felt like an eternity”.

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There have been tests in the past that show the Steam Deck to be quite durable, but obviously getting anything with electrical parts wet will most likely cause damage. While it might seem strange that Smallmouthbackus used alcohol to clean his device, this specific type, known as isopropyl, would be effective in mitigating any potential damage left by water. However, PCGamesN’s report goes on to say that it’s not a foolproof way to fix electronics, but in this case it seems to have done the trick.

It also shows that it’s not too difficult to get into the portable machine either. Although not generally recommended, some people have been able to tinker with their own, such as the user who installed a physically larger SSD in their Steam Deck. They were even able to close it and get it started, although the developer himself warned against such action as it can have long-term negative effects.

Although Valve has had a shaky past when it comes to hardware, it seems the steam bridge was the culmination of years of work. Originally pitched as a competitor to Nintendo Switch, Gabe Newell and his team have shown there’s potential in the mobile market for something that goes beyond gaming, offering a system closer to a laptop. .

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Source: PCGamesN


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