Steam Deck owners can stream Game Pass titles to their device


A new beta for Microsoft Edge lets Steam Deck owners install the browser and then use it to stream Game Pass games.

The new version of Microsoft Edge for Linux is compatible with the Steam Deck, and Microsoft has shared details on how the hardware can now stream Game Pass games from the cloud. All users need to do is install the browser and then opt for the latest beta version. After that, Xbox Cloud Gaming can be used to stream games on the platform, but only downloaded Game Pass titles will not be available. (via PC Gamer)

Microsoft has provided step-by-step instructions on its support website, which users can follow to ensure they correctly install the necessary software.

“We’re especially excited about this ourselves as we believe it can open up new opportunities in the Linux gaming community,” Edge’s community manager wrote on Reddit. “Plus, you can still play a range of Xbox Game Studios titles natively on Steam Deck today. Please check here for a list of verified games.

Ring Elden. Credit: FromSoftware.

Earlier this month, Ring of Elden launched with issues for PC and Steam Deck users. However, earlier this week Valve detailed the upcoming patches for the Steam Deck version. These were made more efficient due to the platform’s limited GPU/CPU combinations.

Valve coder Pierre-Loup Griffais said, “On the Linux/Proton side, we have a fairly comprehensive shader pre-cache system with multiple levels of source-level and binary cache representations pre-seeded and shared between users.

“On deck, we’re taking it to the next level, because we have a unique GPU/driver combination to target, and the majority of shaders you run locally are actually pre-built on servers in our infrastructure.” He added, “when the game tries to emit a shader compilation through its graphics API of choice, these are usually ignored, as we find the pre-compiled cache entry on disk.”

In other news, Hogwarts: Legacy has been confirmed to come to the Nintendo Switch. However, details such as the release date and whether the game will be cloud-only have yet to be shared.


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