Sony and Microsoft are working on an ad placement program for console games


Both Sony and Microsoft are designing programs that would see ads appear in PlayStation and Xbox games, according to a report.

According to sources speaking with BusinessInsider, Sony is currently experimenting with adtech partners to help developers insert ads into free games as a way for studios to monetize titles.

Currently, the ads are limited to the menu, and Sony intends to have the plan in place by the end of 2022. The ads would eventually be inserted into PlayStation games, but they would appear as part of the game, like a game digital. billboard. The report goes on to say that players who watch ads could be rewarded with in-game items such as skins.

Microsoft’s plan would also see advertisers place ads in free games. The company is currently investigating various ad tech companies and ad agencies to help with the process, sources speaking to BusinessInsider said.

The company, however, seems adamant that ads should be subtle and akin to dynamically rendered billboards so as not to impede gameplay. He also does not want customer data to be used by other companies.

Microsoft is looking for announcements to run by the third quarter.

Sony did not comment when contacted by BusinessInsider, and Microsoft did not share its current plans.


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