Slender Man Game The Arrival launches on mobile today


Remember how we used to scare each other back when playing Slender: The Eight Pages? Well now you can take this unbridled fear with you on the go, as its sequel Slender: The Arrival launches on mobile today.

All chapters of the game are live on the App Store and Google Play. The first chapter is available as a free download, which, according to the developer, means players can see if they are “brave enough to continue the heartbreaking journey.”

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Watching the official launch trailer, the mobile version still captures the hunch of being alone in the dark, knowing that Slender might be around the corner – or worse – behind you all the time.

In a statement, the developer explains how he doubled the fear of this new version:

“The creepy Slender Man is described by eyewitnesses as a thin, unusually tall man in a black suit with a white, featureless face. Players are enveloped in a dark and menacing world of sensory deprivation with a full story. terror, hauntingly filled with visions and audio cues that create a healthy dose of tension and paranoia. “

In addition to making the horror game portable, the mobile version of Slender: The Arrival also introduced a leaderboard for playing against friends, as well as Daily, Weekly, and Lifetime challenges. Slender: The Arrival is the retail version of the successful free-to-play Slender: The Eight Pages. It quickly went viral when it launched in 2012. That is almost ten years ago, in case you weren’t feeling old enough already. Popularized by the internet’s then obsession with creepy pasta, as well as YouTubers’ reactions to jumping fears, Slender-Man quickly established himself as a pop culture icon of the 2010s. of the commercialized sequel, Slender Man also got the obligatory Holywood treatment – for far worse results. Released in 2018, long after the craze died down, it received overwhelmingly negative reviews.Next: Endwalker Interview – Naoki Yoshida On The Pandemic, Welcoming New Players And Getting Enough Sleep


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