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SEON Unveils Digital Device Fingerprinting Capabilities to Counter Internet and Mobile Fraud Tactics


SEON unveiled modern digital device fingerprinting capabilities designed to identify and counter the latest internet and mobile fraud tactics used by fraudsters and sophisticated bots.

Fraudsters are increasingly using unusual device configurations to speed up their efforts. Device fingerprints can combat this by analyzing users’ software and hardware configurations to determine if they are legitimate. Based on ongoing research by SEON’s data science team, this update adds new and revised checks and risk assessment to profiles and precisely stops the latest fraudulent device configurations.

This makes it harder for scammers to trick systems and reduces false positives on real users and legitimate transactions.

SEON’s fraud detection solution also protects against tactics specifically used with mobile devices, including cell phones, virtual numbers and disposable phone numbers. This includes protection against new sophisticated threats such as the ERMAC Trojan, which spreads to phones running the Android operating system and can potentially compromise bank accounts.

“New malware-as-a-service threats like ERMAC are developed every day, but even the most well-designed malware leaves fingerprints that SEON’s advanced AI can detect,” said Jimmy Fong, chief commercial officer of SEON. “We have dramatically simplified the effort it takes for merchants to tackle the ever-evolving tactics of scammers and bots. “

SEON uses advanced AI and over 500 metrics to identify fraud and protect over 5,000 online merchants every day. Its solutions dramatically simplify the deployment and use of fraud detection technologies with testing and pay-as-you-go pricing that evolves with businesses as they grow their revenue and customer base.

Only SEON openly shares new findings on patterns of fraudulent behavior with transparent risk scoring decisions to help clients learn and adapt to rapidly evolving fraud behaviors.

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