Schumer wins $25 million grant from GlobalFoundries for quantum computer


MALTA – US Senate Majority Leader Charles Schumer has won a $25 million grant to help GlobalFoundries and a Silicon Valley company develop a next-generation “quantum” computer that would leapfrog the most advanced systems of today.

GlobalFoundries and PsiQuantum, Palo Alto, CA, have worked to develop quantum computers that operate using photons or light.

The U.S. government has been researching quantum computing from the Air Force Research Laboratory in Rome, Oneida County, and the work being done between GlobalFoundries and PsiQuantum on quantum computing will contribute to this development. under the new grant obtained by Schumer.

Quantum computers are largely theoretical at this point, operating on the idea that certain physical properties of atoms can be used to make computing infinitely more powerful. They use special atoms called qubits that can exist not only in a binary “1” and “0” signal state, but somewhere in between. Even the most powerful computers currently in use use several combinations of these “1” or “0” signals to function. The intermediate state should allow for exponentially faster computing power. These computers will need to be very large, the size of an industrial building, according to PsiQuantum.

GlobalFoundries and PsiQuantum have been working together on photon quantum computing for years and announced a technology breakthrough in May 2021 when they announced that they had developed a photon “reader” that will be able to see a qubit and read it. integrated into a computing device that also use traditional silicon photon-powered chips.

“The next frontier of quantum computing technology is being developed right here in upstate New York. I am proud to provide this $25 million federal funding for this expanded partnership between GlobalFoundries and PsiQuantum to strengthen the cutting-edge research conducted by the Rome lab, create new jobs and secure America’s future as a leader in cutting-edge technology,” Schumer said.

Schumer added that China was in the race to build the world’s first quantum computer before the United States.

Last year, the Air Force Research Laboratory in Rome was named the Quantum Information Science Research Center for the US Air Force and US Space Force.


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