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Samsung Mobile Gaming Partner Launches Gaming Platform To Win Combining Metaverse And Esports


Launch of Samsung Mobile’s long-term gaming partner, Emoji Games Pocket arena, the first play-to-earn, non-fungible token (NFT) gaming portal and platform for mobile that converges esports and the metaverse.

This Switzerland-based mobile game company has sold over 1.5 billion games in 55 countries as the only provider of Samsung Mobile’s Try-n-Play pre-install games, having been in the traditional games industry. mobiles since 2005. In addition, the team is a veteran brand of games supplier, partnering with major brands such as BMW, Sberbank, Kia, Samsung, KFC, etc., for their games.

Pocket Arena, since its first beta launch in July 2021 To has been on an upward trajectory since the introduction of their flagship NFT game, Castle Defense. Every day, over 6,000 unique users play Castle Defense with approximately 300-500 daily new user registrations through word of mouth and networking alone. Five thousand NFT castles have already been sold with huge competition and the most expensive castles with a maximum price cap of 500 euros ($ 577.70) are actively negotiated at the P2P castle market.

This appeal has led to rapid traction for Pocket Arena, with an average session time per user sitting at 40 minutes per day. Nearly 20,000 users visit the game daily, with a retention rate of 45% and adoption of 78% on mobile devices.

Good esports players are in demand and good ones are hard to come by with NFT castle sponsors offering an additional bonus for “grinding” (increasing the value of the castles). Those who can’t find good players can have fun playing on their own.

There is also a “land” feature coming soon to the Castle Defense ecosystem where castle owners can earn passive XP from lands they capture in battles and decorate their lands with NFT items like flags and other structures. Additionally, castle owners can also defend their land from peer attacks or attack peers to acquire land.

The future of esport, metaverse and what does this mean in particular for Blockchain gaming?

The Esports ecosystem has evolved after COVID-19. Now anyone, from anywhere in the world, can become an esports player. They can even make a living from it, especially when it comes to blockchain games, making the profession of professional esports gamer more realistic than ever.

As lucrative as blockchain games may seem, there are still not many high-quality, playable mobile blockchain games available in the market. The three key things to consider when evaluating a blockchain game are tokenomics, blockchain technology, and quality of the game. Blockchain game developers should strive to strike a balance between these three factors. How many live blockchain games on the market satisfy all three elements?

The metaverse is interesting but it can be limiting if it does not have esport and its elements as described above. You could argue that esports battles are much more fascinating for gamers, as seen in Castle Defense, which sold 5,000 NFT castles. Castle owners can participate in peer battles to acquire virtual land in Lucerne, Switzerland.

Enter the convergence of metaverse and esport.

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