Returnal update 2.0 adds Photo Mode and Pause Cycle option


Returnal just got the much-requested photo mode with a ton of options and settings. The game has also been updated to allow players to take a break, turn off their device, then come back and pick up where they left off.

Housemarque’s roguelike shooter Returnal has become the talk of the town. The game recently received its 2.0 update which doesn’t offer a lot of information up front. In fact, here are the patch notes in their entirety, straight from source:

A reminder that if you have enabled automatic updates, the game will close in idle mode in order to install the update.

New features:

  • Pause Cycle – Pause cycle and resume your run later!
  • Photo Mode – Capture the hellish action or dark beauty of Atropos; compose your photo, apply your favorite filters and share with the world!

This update also includes many bug fixes and quality of life improvements.

Back: Suspend cycle

The Pause Cycle feature has been around lately, and for good reason: it will allow players to pause their cycle and pick up where they left off later, even if they turn off their console in the meantime. .

For those wondering, this is not a mid-game save option that you are more familiar with, by suspending the cycle, Returnal will create a one-time suspension point, and once you resume reading, the ellipsis will be removed and cannot be used again. The game will simply resume where you left off and pause the cycle again whenever you have to. Note that there are some restrictions: You cannot create an ellipsis during boss fights, cutscenes, first-person sequences, or during intense combat scenarios.

Back: Photo mode

Update 2.0 brought quality of life improvements and a much-requested feature: Photo Mode. Photo mode will be available from the pause menu and available at all times, except in certain limited circumstances such as first person footage. From there, you can use your analog sticks to move the camera around and pick the perfect angle.

Additional settings such as focal length, aperture, saturation or contrast, and many more are also available. You can play around with all the options that Returnal’s photo mode has to offer and you can hit the Create button when you’re ready to save your work.


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