Return of the Flip: TIME names Galaxy Z Flip3 5G among top 100 inventions of 2021



Before the dawn of the smartphone age, manufacturers tried out a variety of different styles and designs of phones to see what was left. From candy bar phones with their clickable dial pads, to more advanced flip and slider phones, to phones with full QWERTY keypads.

But back then, it was the flip phone that really stole the hearts of consumers: compact enough to fit in your pocket, yet expandable, to give you more functionality.

Keeping this innovative spirit alive, Samsung has worked hard to develop the next generation of mobile devices – a device that combines the power of today’s smartphone with the portability and style of the flip.

Now, with the launch this year of the Galaxy Z FIip3 5GSamsung has hit the mark, with consumers and tech enthusiasts alike taking note of the device’s innovation, technological maturity, durability and style. This combination ultimately led TIME Magazine to name the Galaxy Z FIip3 5G as one of the “100 Best Inventions of 2021”, where it is joined by the most groundbreaking creations of the year from around the world – a feat that Samsung has achieved. made after three generations of foldable innovation.

After a lot of dedication, the flip phone era is reborn – with all the innovations of the modern smartphone.

TIME writes:

“Over the past few years, manufacturers have tried to merge the functionality of smartphones with the portability of a 2000s flip phone, with mediocre results at best. But with the Galaxy Z FIip3, Samsung finally seems to have succeeded. The Z Flip is as compact as devices from two decades ago, but instead of a small screen and physical number pad, you get a vibrant 6.7in. display, with another screen on the front cover so that you can easily read messages or filter calls when closed. Better yet: the price tag of $ 999, making it the first consumer phone with a foldable screen priced under $ 1,000. “

To see what TIME says about the Galaxy Z Flip3 5G, Click here.

The Galaxy Z Flip3 5G is changing the way we work, express and create with our smartphones. From hands-free Flex mode and a stunning 12MP camera that changes the way we create content, to a redesigned cover screen that’s four times bigger than before, letting you see more of your messages and notifications on the go without open your phone. And with Dolby Atmos-enabled speakers, a 2X Dynamic AMOLED display, and responsive UX that adapts to the way you fold the phone, the Galaxy Z Flip3 delivers a level of entertainment never seen on other devices. So you can immerse yourself deeper into your favorite stories, games, or video calls. The fact that the Galaxy Z Flip3 and Z Fold3 were the first foldable phones with an IPX8 water resistance rating makes it even more practical. And all of this in an iconic design that’s compact enough to fit in your pocket.

With its combination of smartphone features and flip phone portability, it’s easy to see why the forward-thinking Galaxy Z FIip3 5G is making lists to give users a whole new smartphone experience. And with the holiday season just around the corner, it can also be a perfect item for your holiday shopping list. Now with the brand new Galaxy Z
Custom Edition Flip3
, you can mix and match colors to personalize the Z Flip3 for anyone on your list, for a unique gift that matches their unique style.

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