Restoring Independence to a Marine


Since returning home to Hampton Township, New Jersey, Alonso has maintained his contagiously positive disposition by persevering and adapting to his injury. But during this time he also learned of the increasing challenges presented to amputees every day.

That’s why Robert Irvine created his foundation – to use his platform as a renowned leader to help support the lives of service members, veterans, first responders and their families. Irvine learned the trade which brought him considerable success as a cook in the Royal Navy at just 15 years old. Today, he devotes 150 days a year to traveling with the military around the world, using his resources to serve those who passionately serve their country.

“I think our foundation is all about the men and women who wear our nation’s colors and our first responders who put their lives on the line every day so that we can watch football games, go to football games. It’s called freedom,” Irvine said.

“Imagine this. Sgt. Alonso is one of many people who served their country, but lost their legs or limbs. This Mobius device, the iBot, allows him to stand at eye level like he would have done it when he had his legs. It gives him back his purpose and his freedom,” Irvine said.

The iBot can function as a bridge over many obstacles that amputees face – it can navigate any terrain, including snow, ice, sand and grass. Her abilities are optimal for an outdoor enthusiast like Alonso, who will soon be able to more comfortably enjoy her hobbies of hunting, fishing, photography – and most importantly – spending time with her daughter.


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