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Report: Apple’s Mixed Reality Headset to Focus on Gaming, Media Consumption and Communication


After a hiatus in rumors about mixed reality and Apple’s AR headsets, there have been plenty of stories about these two products over the past few weeks. In his Light up newsletter today, Bloomberg‘s Mark Gurman talks about Apple’s long-rumored plan for its mixed reality headset.

According to Gurman, at first he doesn’t think Apple’s first mixed reality headset will be a replacement for the Mac, iPhone, or iPad. Instead, he’s betting he’ll focus on three main areas: gaming, media consumption, and communication. He writes:

Gaming should be at the center of the machine’s preoccupations, especially since it will have multiple processors, a fan, extremely high-resolution screens and its own App Store. Look for Apple to position the device as a game developer dream. Next, media consumption. I expect Apple to work with media partners to create content that can be watched in VR on the device. Third, communications. Look for Animojis and a VR FaceTime-like experience to be the new-age Zoom.

While Apple’s future for its mixed reality headset looks bright, it will all depend on the developers and customers supporting the product. In October, Gurman referred to the fact that the product would be “expensive” as the company plans to launch the mixed reality headset as early as 2022. He wrote at the time:

Apple plans to launch its own expensive device with advanced chips, displays, sensors, and avatar-based features as early as next year.

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Earlier this year, a report claimed that this new mixed reality device could cost at least $ 3,000, which corroborates what Gurman said about the device being expensive. As Apple is already wowing its users with the new M1 Pro and M1 Max chips, it’s only a matter of time before the company can combine all of these parts together.

In that other newsletter, Gurman said that this headset would have “both AR and VR capabilities,” and what Apple is aiming for is a “mixed reality experience that can handle high quality virtual reality games.” He then wrote:

Apple’s first headset will be a mixed reality type. This means that it will have both AR and VR capabilities. While gaming can be done in both environments, virtual reality is what you want for really high performance games with top notch graphics. For Apple’s first headset, that’s what it aims for: a mixed reality experience that can handle high-quality VR games with eye-catching chips and high-end displays.

Although Gurman is betting on the mixed reality headset to be the first product in this new segment that Apple plans to enter, analyst Ming-Chi Kuo has spoken a lot about the company’s plan for a future AR headset.

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According to Kuo, Apple’s AR headset will have a processor “with the same level of computing power as the Mac.” He also believes the chip design will be the most significant difference between the Apple AR headset and its competition. The analyst writes:

[I]has Mac level (PC level) computing power, (2) it can work independently without relying on a Mac (PC) or iPhone (phone), and (3) it supports a full range of applications rather than specific applications.

For now, the analyst also believes that this headset will be launched in 4Q22 equipped with two processors. “The high-end processor will have computing power similar to that of the M1 for Mac, while the low-end processor will be responsible for the computing related to the sensors.”

There is currently every indication that Apple will launch its first headset product in 2022. Which of these products are you most passionate about? Tell us in the comment section below.

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