Random: this little Game Boy is probably the smallest game console in the world


Image: Small circuits

New mods and versions of classic hardware are a fun part of the in-game scene, as those who long for the old times mess with old systems to make them better or – sometimes – just dumber. Some time ago we shared the creation of a large Game Boy Advance by YouTube channel / The Retro Future website, and now the same channel has brought our attention to a project that is pretty much the opposite.

In the video below, the channel watches what it calls the Game Boy Atom in the title of the video; his real name is “Thumby”, and we’ll get into the details after the video.

Thumby is the work of Tiny Circuits, which has a whole range of products that make things as small as possible. It’s not exactly a miniaturized Game Boy clone, but instead uses Raspberry Pi and has five base games preloaded – one looks like Snake, the other is basically Tetris. This Pi board and connectivity means it will be open for modding and fun for those with the expertise, with Tiny Circuits saying people will be able to make their own games that run on the unit.

So while it looks like a basic keychain, it’s actually a working device, although you probably need little hands or long fingernails to even think about using this D-Pad. and these buttons.

It is extremely niche then, and it’ll appear on Kickstarter on September 28. You can see a lot of information on Thumby’s website, and a press release confirms that it will cost $ 19 with 50 “early-bird” editions at half price when Kickstarter launches.

As a collector’s item, it looks like an original fun; as for play it, if the original 3DS gave you hand cramps, you should probably avoid it.


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