Qualcomm’s new device, Snapdragon 7 Plus Gen 1, will be compatible with its smartphones


Until we reach the end of 2022, there are many more rumors related to Qualcomm’s next cutting-edge processor. The American company is however releasing a new SoC, the Snapdragon 7 Plus Gen 1 for the mid-range market.

The answer is simple, but it is clear that this new processor will improve the performance of the Snapdragon 7 Gen 1. It will do so by improving some internal aspects, as the famous Roland Quandt told us.

Qualcomm SM7475. The first Snapdragon 7 series are designed in three clusters. One cup, three gold coins, four gold coins. 2440 GHz on top and silver cores, 3100 GHz on silver in testing.

Roland Quandt (@rquandt) October 5, 2022.

Snapdragon 7 Plus Gen 1 will be much closer to Qualcomm’s top processors.

The famous leaker took to Twitter to reveal some technical details of the processor bearing the SM7475 designation. This is the release of the Snapdragon 7 Plus Gen 1, which is aimed at the mid to high-end device market.

In fact, the Snapdragon 7 Plus Gen 1 will have 8 CPU cores in the 1+3+4 configuration. It will be more efficient to have three different groups of cores for different tasks.

Two sets should have a frequency of 2.40 Ghz and can handle the most demanding tasks. The other cores operate at 1.80 GHz and are loaded with lighter tasks to achieve better performance.

Qualcomm already predicts that it will use different cores for the development of the Snapdragon 7 Plus Gen 1 platform. The first set will be based on Cortex-X3 and the second set will be based on Cortex-A715.

As with the latest Snapdragon 8 Plus Gen1, the new mid-range SoC will be developed by TSMC in 4nm lithography. Changing the Snapdragon 7 Plus Gen 1 keeps its peak performance longer and generates less power.

The combination of the new cores with the new TSMC manufacturing process will give the Snapdragon 7 Plus Gen 1 even better performance than the original chip. That’s enough to be achieved by mid-range/high-end phones.

We still don’t know when the Snapdragon 7 Plus Gen 1 will be officially presented. Nevertheless, it is possible that it will happen during the Snapdragon Summit in November.


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