PUBG Mobile: Squid game mode Death Rabbit Survival could be coming to the game soon



Rumor has it that PUBG Mobile will soon have a crossover with Netflix’s most popular series, Squid Game. According to the leaks, the crossover will feature a Squid Game arcade mode called Death Rabbit Survival mode, based on the first game in the Red Light series, Green Light.

If you haven’t watched the series yet, Red Light, Green Light is a game where players stand at one end of the area with a large robotic doll on the other side of the field. The doll will turn her head towards the tree behind her and sing a song. As she sings, players will start running towards her end.

However, they will need to stop running and not move even slightly when she stops singing and turns her head towards the players. Players who don’t are shot. The goal is, as you might expect, to cross the marked line at the end of the doll before the time runs out.

Image via Krafton

In PUBG Mobile, a giant bunny will replace the doll, and players will appear with an outfit similar to the characters in Squid Game. There will be a total of 100 players in the lobby, and the objective will be exactly the same as the original series.

PUBG Mobile Squid game mode is coming to the game soon
Image via Krafton

However, unlike Squid Game, this mode won’t be all about survival. To win the game, you will have to cross the finish line before everyone else. What’s exciting about Death Rabbit Survival Mode arriving in PUBG Mobile is that you will be able to play it with your friends in custom rooms as well.



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