Pokemon Fan Makes Awesome Pocket Pikachu Cookie


Pokemon fan recreates old-school Pocket Pet Pikachu in edible cookie form, complete with all minor device details.

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While the Electric-type Pikachu isn’t one of the original Kanto region starters in video games, fans will likely agree that it’s one of the most popular creatures around. Pokemon universe. This popularity is probably attributed to the Pokemon animated series, where the anime’s protagonist Ash Ketchum goes on an adventure with his faithful companion Pikachu. Pikachu is known all over the world, and now a Pokemon fan has created a cookie-cutter version of an old-school Pocket Pikachu pet device, complete with details that make it too good to eat.


Pikachu’s popularity is certainly no joke, especially for fans who really adore electric Pokemon. In Japan, physical Pokémon Centers and Pokemon-theme stores will always have a special Pikachu item designed after their specific location. A new travel show featuring a Pikachu-shaped bus will also begin airing in Japan on April 3. But this excitement isn’t just limited to Japan, with Pokemon fans around the world create their own Pikachu items and merchandise, especially if there are no official products they can purchase locally.

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Over on Reddit, a short video about the old-school Pocket Pikachu pet device is doing the rounds on the platform. Although Redditors are apparently just reposting the footage, the original video can be credited to YouTube content creator Manna-Tanuki. In the short video, the artist is seen recreating the details of the Pocket Pikachu device on a blank cookie. Using multiple colors of icing and precise handwork, the artist was able to create an accurate version of the device, with the pixel version of the Electric-type Pokémon Pikachu inside the frame.

On the Reddit thread, many other fans commented on the artist’s steady hands and how amazing it was that they were able to paint all the details with something as fluid as the cookie icing. On the original YouTube channel, the short video has already garnered over 160,000 likes with over 1,000 comments, which praised the work of the content creator, reinforcing that the Pokemon community can be healthy and supportive.

The Manna-Tanuki YouTube channel is quite famous for its highly detailed creations Pokemon foodstuffs. This includes cookies, pastries, and even cute marshmallows that look incredibly mouth-watering. With over 144,000 subscribers, it’s no surprise their video is making its way onto Reddit for others. Pokemon fans to watch and enjoy.

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