PC-Doctor releases Service Center® 15 with support for latest hardware platforms


Service Center 15

Technicians rely on the Bootable Diagnostics offline operating system for low-level testing and for testing systems that won’t boot.

PC-Doctor, Inc., the global leader in Intel-based PC, Android, Chrome OS, and Mac system health technology, today released the latest version of its popular diagnostic toolkit: Service Center 15.

Service Center is powered by the same technology used by the world’s largest original equipment manufacturers for nearly 30 years, now updated to cover the latest hardware components and platforms, including support for Windows 11 and Android 12, improved support for Intel RST and VMD controllers, and the latest processors from Intel, AMD, and ARM.

“Technicians rely on the Bootable Diagnostics offline operating system for low-level testing and for testing systems that won’t boot,” said Kim McKay, associate director of business development and solutions. drivers to support the latest platforms.

PC-Doctor Service Center 15 includes these additional features and enhancements:

  • All-new, more rugged SuperSpeed ​​USB 3.0 multifunction USB device with 16GB of storage
  • CPU support for Intel Tiger Lake, Intel Rocket Lake, Intel Alder Lake, and AMD Ryzen 5xxx topology detection, and initial support for Intel Alder Lake S, Intel Raptor Lake, and AMD Ryzen 6000
  • Drive support for NVMe namespaces, Intel VROC-attached NVMe drives, write-protected MMC partition regions, and hybrid drives with M.2 Optane memory
  • NEW Vulkan Video Memory Tests for Windows, Bootable Diagnostics and Chrome OS
  • Audio support for Intel SST and CMedia devices

PC-Doctor Service Center is available at http://www.pcdservicecenter.com and PC-Doctor Service Center Remote is available at http://www.pcdremote.com.

About PC-Doctor

Founded in 1993, PC-Doctor, Inc. is the worldwide leader in PC and Android system health and contextual messaging, offering the most comprehensive set of diagnostic tools, system information and software available. Our system health products optimize product quality, support and service for the computer user, generating demonstrable cost savings for our customers. Many of the world’s largest PC manufacturers are our customers and load tens of millions of copies of our software onto their systems each year. For more information about PC-Doctor and its products, visit http://www.pc-doctor.com or call (866) 289-7237. International customers should call (775) 336-4000.


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