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Regulation on the quality of service of the notified cellular mobile network


ISLAMABAD: The government has notified the “Regulation 2021 on the quality of service (QoS) of the cellular mobile network”, which will apply to all licensees of cellular mobile communication service and new generation mobile services (NGMS) with the aim of identifying minimum quality of service standards and associated measurement, reporting and archiving of mobile network coverage, voice, SMS and mobile broadband service.

Faced with growing concerns about QoS parameters including call loss, call quality and data rate, the Pakistan Telecommunications Authority (PTA) decided to change the QoS regulation of the network. cellular mobile.

QoS refers to the ability of a network or service to satisfy the end user and is primarily related to those aspects of services that are directly experienced by consumers.

Compliance reports must be submitted against the quality of service parameters defined in this regulation.

MoIT & T publishes NGMS auction policy guideline

Each mobile communications service and holder of an NGMS license must at all times meet or exceed the minimum quality of service requirements specified in their respective licenses and in this Regulation.

Network accessibility – the likelihood that mobile services will be available to an end customer by displaying the network indicator on the mobile test equipment for the duration of the samples.

Network accessibility should be 99 percent.

Percentage of time the mobile device reports “no service” or “emergency” as a technology served during the test drive.

“No service” or “emergency” is the period during which the mobile services are not available to an end customer or the display of the network indicator on the mobile equipment.

Network downtime – the likelihood that mobile services will not be available to the end customer.

The PTA decides to modify the QoS regulations of the mobile cellular network

Network downtime should be 1%.

Network downtime should be measured from the operator’s network management system (NMS) for an average of one month, i.e. at all external sites deployed by the operator in the study area and also in any other area, i.e. district, Tehsil, etc., provided by the Authority.

Call establishment success rate – “The probability that the end customer will successfully access the mobile service when asked if it is offered by the display of the network indicator on the mobile equipment”.

Call setup success rate should be 98%.

Call setup time – The time between sending the complete call initiation information by the caller (Part A) and receiving the call setup notification back.

The call setup time shall be

Call completion rate – the probability that a service, once obtained, will continue to be provided under given conditions for a given period of time or until it is deliberately terminated by subscriber A or subscriber B. Call completion rate must be greater than 98%.

Call Abandonment Rate – the likelihood that a service, once obtained, will not continue for a given length of time or be deliberately interrupted by either A or B.

Call abandonment rate

End-to-end speech quality: The degree of speech quality that a listener perceives at the terminal with a speaker at the other end.

The average opinion score should be> 3.

The end-to-end quality of service (mean opinion score) is represented by the mean value of the ITU-T P.863 “Objective analysis of perceptual listening quality” (POLQA) predicts the MOS of all speech samples in successful calls.

The measurement will be based on the latest version of ITU-P.863 to achieve the correct relative quality of service between VoLTE, HD-Voice and legacy narrowband telephony.

SMS Success Rate – “The likelihood of the short message service being delivered successfully, end-to-end on demand and displaying relevant information on mobile equipment.”

The SMS success rate should be 99%.

End-to-End SMS Delivery Time – The time between sending a short message from a mobile terminal (A-Party) and receiving the same short message on the intended mobile terminal (B-Party).

End-to-end SMS delivery time should be 12 seconds.

As the subscriber base increases, customer dissatisfaction increases and complaints against the network also increase.

Growing concerns about various QoS parameters, in particular call loss, call quality and data rate, have been observed recently.

QoS parameters can be measured both from network monitoring terminals and from field surveys via drive tests. With the adaptation of 3G and 4G technologies, it is high time to set benchmarks / thresholds for mobile telephone operators (CMOs), which they must respect to ensure consumer satisfaction.

The PTA said the 2011 QoS regulations and subsequent changes in 2012 have scope and applicability to all cellular mobile communication services to identify minimum quality of service standards and associated metrics.

However, with the allocation of NGMS licenses, regulations must be changed by NGMS licensing and taking into account international best practices and ensuring the delivery of the best quality of service to consumers of mobile services.

Existing regulations provide key performance indicators (KPIs) and measurement procedures, which mainly relate to voice service and SMS.

The regulations have not defined any KPIs for NGMS or mobile broadband service. The QoS KPIs in the QoS regulation of the mobile cellular network 2011, modifications of the voice and SMS services, are suggested in the existing QoS KPIs regarding its measurement procedure and its threshold values, etc.

NGMS licensing paved the way for the introduction of new QoS KPIs for voice and mobile broadband.

Suggested QoS KPIs for inclusion in the QoS Policy are listed below.

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The Latrobe Brewer was a touchdown machine



Saturday September 18, 2021 | 6:05 p.m.

In the first three games of the season, Latrobe senior flanker Kyle Brewer was a touchdown passer.

He scored nine touchdowns in three ways: rushing, receiving and a punt return.

In Friday’s game against Mt. Pleasant, Brewer failed to score in the Wildcats’ 35-0 win.

Plus, he didn’t care if he didn’t reach the end zone. He was happy the Wildcats ended their two-game losing streak and found a way to end it.

Brewer had a quiet evening against the overwhelmed Vikings. He caught a pass for 24 yards and rushed four times for 19 yards. He also returned two punts for an average of 17 yards.

Brewer scored three touchdowns, ran for 112 yards and caught nine passes for 108 yards as a junior.

He has exceeded those numbers in four games. Brewer racked up 182 yards and five touchdowns and caught nine passes for 142 yards and three touchdowns. His punt return for a touchdown was 79 yards.

Brewer doesn’t think he’s a top talent, although opposing coaches might disagree.

“Nothing is special about me,” Brewer said. “It’s just the whole team. They help me. “

With a big lead, Latrobe coach Jason Marucco let the other players run the ball. Dominic Flenniken got some of Brewer’s shots.

“Kyle has been great,” said Marucco. “He’s leading Westmoreland County in touchdowns. I can’t ask for more than that. I think our front – Tyler Lynch, Aidan Sweeney and Jacob Brisky and all the guys – did a really good job controlling the line of scrimmage.

“It’s hard for the defenses to defend with Drake (Clayton) and Kyle. We managed to get the ball around. Whenever you can do it more than one guy touching the ball it’s tough on the defense. It’s something that we have to keep looking at, how we can get that ball to our playmakers. ”

Marucco said there isn’t a set number of touches he’d like to get for Brewer or any player.

“We don’t think of it so much as a number,” Marucco said. “How do we send him into space and get a favorable match?” Because we think he will win these clashes.

“What makes Kyle special is his work on the training ground. His work ethic is great. We’re still talking about improving that 1% every day, and it does. He takes the approach of winning the next game. He takes that approach. If one part doesn’t break, maybe the next one will. “

Marucco believes Brewer will play in college. Brewer said if he did, and he wanted to, he would prefer the north.

“Everyone wants to go to Division I,” Brewer said. “I know I probably won’t make it, but that’s okay. D2, D3, whatever.

Brewer said he credits his blockers with opening race tracks. That’s why he succeeded.

“I’m falling behind and running behind them,” Brewer said.

His most memorable touchdown of the season was the punt return against Derry.

“It was my first punt return,” said Brewer. “It was the best feeling I have ever had, running and scoring. I have a great blockage.

Brewer said because quarterback Bobby Fetter suffered an injury against Norwin and will be missing out on playing time, the captains need to step up their efforts. The other captains are Fetter, Clayton and Lynch.

“I think we can put this team together and have some wins,” Brewer said. “We have to change our mindset and start thinking more about the game and start playing more as a team.”

Paul Schofield is a staff writer for Tribune-Review. You can contact Paul by email at [email protected] or via Twitter .

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Puma launches Animal Crossing collection

The new collection, which launched on Saturday, features dozens of products for adults and children, including sneakers and pastel-colored clothing adorned with animal characters and symbols from the game.

Adult sneakers start at $ 90. Hoodies with outlines of the in-game “villagers” start at $ 80. The collection has 18 products for adults and 17 products for children from size four.

“Taking inspiration from the popular game, the collection’s streetwear silhouettes are reimagined with natural colors and authentic game graphics,” the Puma website said.

Nintendo Switch sales slump as peak pandemic streak wears off

Animal Crossing: New Horizons is a world building game where users are dropped off on a desert island which they build in a village using simple and relaxing tasks.

Puma has already collaborated with Nintendo. Last year, the retailer released NES-themed shoes and clothing based on Super Mario 3D All-Stars, in light of Super Mario’s 35th anniversary. The collection sold out in a few minutes.

So far, only one style of Animal Crossing sneakers for adults has sold on the Puma website from day one.

Released in March 2020 just as the pandemic shutdowns take effect, Nintendo’s game “Animal Crossing: New Horizons” has sold 5 million digital copies, the most titles on console in a single month. , according to Nielsen’s SuperData, which analyzes the gaming industry. Its popularity has fueled demand for the Nintendo Switch, which has also sold on several websites.

Puma has partnerships with 10 companies and brands, according to its website, ranging from an early 2000s-themed collection with the Bratz children’s toy to Gwyneth Paltrow’s luxury lifestyle brand Goop.

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Chicago Bears Introduce New Games and Stadium Features in Official Team Mobile App


The Bears introduce new features in the The official Chicago Bears app brought to you by Verizon to improve the gaming experience for fans this season.

For fans attending home games at Soldier Field, the “My bear center“will include a cashless payment system with concession stand discounts of 10 percent for membership holders and 20 percent for club membership holders.

In addition, there will be two interactive games that fans can play on their devices which will also be featured on the video panels. Fans can predict who will win the Dunkin Race, which takes place in the second quarter, and can earn a coupon if they are correct. Fans can play the Dunkin ‘Race on the Bears app not only for home games, but also for all nine road competitions this season.

The Buona Beef Player Revelation, which takes place in the fourth quarter and features a blurry image that becomes clearer as clues are given, can be played on the Bears app during all eight home games. Those who identify the player before the deadline expires will earn a coupon.

Two more games can be played by fans anywhere during the 17 Bears contests this season. In Risk It is brought to you by BetRivers, fans are given a bankroll of 500 points and can bet on a series of predictions, such as “How will the Bears score their first points?” Different multipliers are included depending on the probability of the outcome. The fan with the highest score wins a personalized Bears jersey plus $ 250 in free bets on il.BetRivers.com.

In Chicago Bears Football Bingo presented by PNC, fans can choose to receive a random map of the events that will occur in the game or select up to five items. The first 20 fans with regular bingo will win a $ 20 voucher for the Bears Pro online store. Ten fans with design # 1 on their card will win a $ 50 voucher. And the first fan with a “C” design on their bingo card will receive an autographed item from Bears.

To play games, download and open the Bears app, press “more” in the navigation menu at the bottom of the screen and select “Bear playroom. “

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How to use a VPN with BlueStacks


Disclaimer: Some pages on this site may include an affiliate link. This does not affect our writing in any way.

Are you looking for a way to protect your privacy when using BlueStacks? If so, we have a solution: use a virtual private network (VPN). This will not only increase your internet privacy, but also allow access to restricted apps and websites.

VPNs are a great way to make sure you can surf the internet without anyone tracking your activity. If you want to know more, you have come to the right place. This article will explain how to use a VPN with BlueStacks on a PC or Mac and explain its many benefits.

How to use a VPN with BlueStacks on a Windows PC?

BlueStacks converts your Windows PC into an Android hub and lets you download apps from the Play Store. Whether you want to protect your privacy or access different websites, we recommend using ExpressVPN.

Limited offer: 3 months FREE!

ExpressVPN is one of the most popular VPN services, the one that keeps you safe on all your devices.

The setup is simple, and you can do it in two ways: by installing it directly on your PC to apply it to all your traffic or by installing the Android version in BlueStacks. Our recommendation is to install it on your PC because you will have a higher level of security. In addition, you will have more features available and will be able to use the VPN service for other purposes as well. While installing ExpressVPN directly on your PC is a safer option, we’ll also go through the steps for installing it on an Android device.

If you want to install ExpressVPN through BlueStacks, follow the steps below:

Limited offer: 3 months FREE!

  1. Launch BlueStacks on your PC.
  2. Visit ExpressVPN and create an account.
  3. Go to the Play Store.
  4. Search for “ExpressVPN” and install it.
  5. Since you have already created an account using our reduced rate, click on “Login” and enter your email address and password.
  6. When a pop-up message asking for permission to set up a VPN connection is displayed on the screen, press “Ok” to confirm.
  7. By default, ExpressVPN will connect you to an optimal “Smart” location. You can change this by tapping on three dots on the right. You can also choose the recommended locations with the best connection and speed or switch to the “All locations” tab.
  8. Tap the power icon to connect to the VPN server.

You can now use BlueStacks with a VPN. Keep in mind that if you have followed these steps, VPN is only available in BlueStacks. This is a good option if you want to protect your privacy in the app while still surfing the internet with your IP address.

As mentioned, another way is to install ExpressVPN on your computer and then launch BlueStacks. Here’s how to do it:

  1. Open your browser, go to the ExpressVPN website and select “My Account”.
  2. If you don’t have an account, create one and purchase a preferred subscription. If you have an account, press “Login”.
  3. Press “Download for Windows” and copy the activation code.
  4. Click on “Download”. A pop-up message will ask you if you want to allow the app to make changes to your computer. Press “Yes”.
  5. Once ExpressVPN is installed, you will see the welcome screen with short instructions. Tap “Continue” twice, then tap “Configure VPN”.
  6. When prompted to allow the app to make changes to your computer, press “Yes.” Use the activation code and press “Continue”.
  7. Choose whether you want ExpressVPN to launch every time you turn on your computer. You can also customize these settings later.
  8. The application has “Smart Location” features which by default select the optimal location for your computer. If you want to change it, tap the three dots on the right.
  9. Press the power button to connect.

How to use a VPN with BlueStacks on a Mac

If you are using a Mac device, you can easily convert it to a virtual Android hub with BlueStacks. Using a VPN with BlueStacks ensures your privacy and prevents anyone from tracking your activity.

Limited offer: 3 months FREE!

You can first launch BlueStacks and install a VPN like ExpressVPN for Android through the Play Store or install ExpressVPN on your Mac device. Choose the first option if you want to use a VPN only for BlueStacks and continue to use your IP address for other activities. But keep in mind that you will have less features available and the level of security will not be as high.

Here’s how to install ExpressVPN in BlueStacks:

  1. Open BlueStacks on your Mac device.
  2. Go to the Play Store and download the ExpressVPN app.
  3. Press “Login” and enter your email address and password since you signed up using our discount.
  4. Press “Ok” to authorize the configuration of the VPN connection.
  5. You will automatically be connected to a “smart location”. To change it, tap the three dots on the right. The locations in the “Recommended” tab are those that offer the best connection and the best speed. If you have a specific area in mind, press “All Locations” and select it.
  6. Once you’ve set up the preferred location, tap the power icon to connect.

By installing ExpressVPN through BlueStacks, you will only be protected while using the app.

If you want to install ExpressVPN directly on your Mac, you will be able to use it with BlueStacks and any other app, browser, or program. You will also have a higher level of security and more options to choose from, which is why this is our recommendation.

Here’s how to install ExpressVPN on your Mac device:

  1. Launch your browser and go to the ExpressVPN website.
  2. Tap “My Account”.
  3. Enter your username and password if you have an account. If you don’t have one, tap “Get ExpressVPN” and select the preferred subscription plan.
  4. Press “Download for Mac” and copy the activation code as you will need it once the application is installed.
  5. Follow the on-screen instructions to complete the installation of the app.
  6. Use the activation code to continue setting up ExpressVPN.
  7. A pop-up message will appear asking if you want ExpressVPN to launch every time you start your Mac; press “Ok” or “No thanks”.
  8. You will see that ExpressVPN has assigned a default location. You can change this by pressing the three dots to the right and choosing between “Recommended locations” and “All locations”.
  9. Tap the power icon to connect.

Since you have installed ExpressVPN on your Mac device, you can now launch BlueStacks and your connection will be automatically protected.

BlueStacks is even better with a VPN

If you are wondering how to use a VPN with BlueStacks, we hope this article has been helpful for you. You can turn your Windows PC or Mac device into an Android hub anytime with BlueStacks. The app allows you to install Android apps and run them on your device. ExpressVPN is a great addition that increases your privacy and security and opens up access to many apps that are not available in your area.

Have you ever used a VPN with BlueStacks? Have you used ExpressVPN? Tell us in the comments section below.

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The Scientist and the AI-Assisted Remote Control Killing Machine


If Israel wanted to kill a senior Iranian official, an act that had the potential to start a war, it needed US assent and protection. It meant acting before Mr Biden could take office. In Mr. Netanyahu’s best case, the assassination would derail any chance of resurrecting the nuclear deal even if Mr. Biden wins.

Mohsen Fakhrizadeh grew up in a conservative family in the holy city of Qom, the theological heart of Shia Islam. He was 18 when the Islamic Revolution overthrew the Iranian monarchy, a historic record that ignited his imagination.

He sets out to fulfill two dreams: to become a nuclear scientist and to be part of the military wing of the new government. As a symbol of his dedication to the revolution, he wore a silver ring with a large oval red agate, the same type worn by Iran’s Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei and General Suleimani.

He joined the Revolutionary Guards and rose through the ranks to the rank of general. He got a doctorate. in nuclear physics from Isfahan University of Technology with a thesis on “neutron identification”, according to Ali Akbar Salehi, former head of the Iranian Atomic Energy Agency and longtime friend and colleague .

He led the missile development program for the guards and pioneered the country’s nuclear program. As a research director for the Defense Ministry, he played a key role in the development of local drones and, according to two Iranian officials, traveled to North Korea to join forces in missile development. At the time of his death, he was Deputy Minister of Defense.

“In the field of nuclear and nanotechnology and biochemical warfare, Mr. Fakhrizadeh was a figure on par with Qassim Suleimani but in a completely secret manner,” said Gheish Ghoreishi, who advised the Iranian foreign ministry on affairs. Arabs, in an interview.

When Iran needed sensitive equipment or technology banned by international sanctions, Mr. Fakhrizadeh found ways to obtain them.

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Luis Castillo shows why he should start a potential Wild Card game


The closest thing to a preview of the 2021 National League Wild Card Game was played at the Great American Ball Park last night. The Cincinnati Redlegs beat the Los Angeles Dodgers 3-1 and Luis Castillo was one of the main reasons the Redlegs came out victorious.

Since the Reds emerged as a last-place contender for the Wild Card, there has been a lot of debate among the Cincinnati loyalists over which starting pitcher is expected to get the ball in a win-win game in October.

After the brilliant performance of Castillo last night, the right-hander has certainly established himself as the leader of the clubhouse. Sonny Gray and Wade Miley will also have the opportunity to claim this gig, as the veteran pitchers will receive the call on Saturday and Sunday respectively.

Reds starter Luis Castillo claims a potential debut in the Wild Card Game.

Luis Castillo was on his game last night, and he had to be. With the reigning world champions in town and Cy Young contender Walker Buehler on the mound for the Los Angeles Dodgers, La Piedra had to put on a stellar performance. This is exactly what he did.

Castillo threw in the seventh inning, totaled 111 throws and registered 10 punches. Last night was the second time this entire season and the first time since May 18 against the San Francisco Giants that Castillo has hit double-digit strikeouts.

Castillo’s teammates and his manager were delighted with the 29-year-old’s performance after the game. Reds skipper David Bell called it Castillo’s best performance. Teammate Tucker Barnhart has said he will try his luck against anyone with La Piedra on the mound. Shortstop Kyle Farmer called Castillo’s performance electric. Castillo, courtesy of translator Jorge Merlos, said via Reds.com:

“We play against a great team with great hitters. With everything involved, it really felt like a playoff game today. But for this reason, I felt even more focused today. I thank God that we were able to come out victorious, and I was also able to put in a great performance. “

Given the stakes, it’s hard to argue that last night wasn’t Luis Castillo’s best outing of the 2021 season. It’s even harder to argue that he shouldn’t be the Reds’ starting pitcher. if Cincinnati had the chance to get that last Wild Card spot.

The other candidates would obviously be Sonny Gray, who is now opposed to Max Scherzer, and Wade Miley. LA ace Clayton Kershaw will face Miley in Sunday’s Series Finals at Great American Ball Park. Tyler Mahle and his fantastic on-road ERA could also be considered.

At the end of the day, Castillo said he would be David Bell’s best option in a win-win game in the first week of October. If the rotation continues, Castillo is expected to have three more starts this season and would face the Pittsburgh Pirates in the season finale.

If Bell gets the chance, he could define his rotation a little differently given that the Reds have a day off on Monday, September 27 and Thursday, September 30. It’ll be an interesting story to follow, but first the Cincinnati Reds have to make a run for that last Wild Card spot.

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Do cloud games have a future or are they just replacing mobile games?


With the development of the mobile industry and the corresponding technology, cloud games have benefited the most. Compared to traditional games, cloud games use servers to render and transmit images to users over the network. It has gained popularity because such an approach reduces the demand for local computing power. Gamers only need a stable and fast internet connection. Moreover, they do not depend on the precise location (where the computers are located).

The enormous potential of cloud gaming has fascinated the industry. Google, NVIDIA, Microsoft, Sony and even Chinese giants like Tencent and NetEase have all dedicated themselves to cloud gaming.

However, not everything is as clear as it seems. Let’s say this market has high fees, there is no 100% stable network, for some reason the picture quality may drop, and there are not many categories.

But we should also note that the potential of cloud gaming is real. So on the one hand, that could be the future of gaming. And on the other hand, there are some hurdles that creators have to overcome.

Traditional gamers don’t like cloud gaming

We already understood that today’s cloud games have a lot of shortcomings. First, traditional gamers have gaming PCs or game consoles with powerful hardware and corresponding systems. Thus, they do not depend on any network, server, etc. Everything they need is right at hand.

In fact, now we’re talking about the biggest gap in cloud gaming. Due to the network, the delay may exceed 100ms. Same Google has a 100-200ms delay in its Stadia cloud gaming service when the network is unblocked.

Second, the specs for cloud games are low. For example, we know that NVDIA is good at manufacturing gaming hardware. Its Geforce NOW supports new graphics technologies such as ray tracing. But the latter can only provide 1080p / 60fps specifications.

Compared to local games, where 4K and 5.1-channel audio and video are a must, cloud games offer nothing appealing.

Finally, the cloud gaming service is hard to get for its money. On the one hand, cloud gaming doesn’t come cheap. Sony’s PlayStation, NVIDIA GeForce, and Google Stadia all cost $ 9.99 per month. But they only provide a small number of categories.

Most importantly, cloud gaming doesn’t bring a sense of ownership. We mean you will never know when the vendor will remove a concrete game. So in a second, all of your in-game achievements could be gone. For example, what we’re talking about recently happened with World of Warcraft IX.

Cloud games can replace mobile games

As we can see, cloud games cannot be considered the future of traditional games (at least, at this point). But they’re ideal if you think of them as a mobile gaming replacement.

Microsoft talked about it a year ago

Compared to traditional games, mobile games have quite different specifications.

In addition, they must be suitable for the greatest number of cell phones. Smartphone manufacturers should therefore take into consideration “all the requirements” of mobile game developers. Obviously, this restricts the level of production and scale of mobile games. Moreover, mobile games cannot make maximum use of sophisticated graphics technology to build huge game scenes.

Consumer mobile games themselves depend on the network to function. Unlike traditional games under the buyback system, mobile games often have the attributes of online games.

These characteristics of mobile games are actually very compatible with the characteristics of cloud games. So, cloud games can solve the problems and difficulties of mobile games while respecting their characteristics.

Cloud gaming relies on the internet to function, which coincides with mobile gaming. With the current bandwidth of 4G and 5G networks, when the player’s network conditions are sufficient to play mobile games smoothly, they can often play cloud games as well.

The scale of production of mobile games is limited by the performance of mobile phones. But cloud games don’t need to rely on high-performance hardware. They only need servers powerful enough to render high quality images. This resolves the bottlenecks of mobile game production and provides development space for mobile game production. From this point of view, cloud games can even be called high-quality mobile game savers.


If we compare three gaming industries – traditional, mobile and cloud – the latter will replace mobile games. But until the network stability issue is completely resolved, it cannot become a good option for traditional players.

At the same time, cloud games can also solve the problem of data leakage on the test server and effectively prevent internal data leakage in advance when unpacking.

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Xiaomi patents mobile earthquake monitoring technology


Beijing, September 18 (IANS): Chinese tech giant Xiaomi has issued a patent for “Method and Equipment for Performing Seismic Monitoring of Mobile Devices” with publication number CN113406696A.

The patent describes a system capable of reading / tracking seismic activity from mobile equipment. This technology would be used to detect earthquakes, reports GizmoChina.

The “mobile device” would transfer the key data obtained for sending to an earthquake treatment center.

The system would also allow the underlying processor to identify and predict seismic events based on multiple readings, the report adds.

Xiaomi previously patented a foldable smartphone solution to reduce wrinkles in foldable devices.

The company has filed this patent with the CNIPA (China National Intellectual Property Administration).

This patent is entitled “Flexible Screen Support Structure, Flexible Screen Structure and Terminal Equipment”.

According to the documentation, the design includes two support structures for the flexible display panel.

The second structure, which is close to the screen, is deformable. Therefore, when the device is closed, the screen is unlikely to be affected by a larger crease in the long term.

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15-year-old gets USB cable stuck in his limb while trying to measure length


You can get a USB cable in a package, but that doesn’t mean you have to put the cable inside your package i.e. your penis.

If you have a penis or empathize with penises, a new case report published in the journal Urology case reports can make you cringe. For the case report, a team from University College Hospital in London, UK (Ioannis Loufopoulos, Konstantinos Kapriniotis, Clio Kennedy, Sabareen Huq, Thomas Reid and Ashwin Sridhar) detailed what happened to a boy of 15 year old who decided to insert a USB cable into his urethra, opening his penis.

Although USB stands for Universal Serial Bus and “universal” seems to imply “everywhere,” there are limits to where a USB cable should go. For example, it usually shouldn’t go in your spaghetti. Instead, people tend to use USB cables to connect computers to peripherals like cameras, printers, scanners, and storage devices. Note that this list does not include your penis. And, in general, your penis is generally not considered a device, no matter what name you give it. Your penis is not something that can be pulled out and easily attached to different things.

Nonetheless, the saga described in the case report began when the teenager decided to insert the USB cable into his penis through his urethra. Now, such a statement usually calls for a follow-up question, such as “why the hell did he do this”, rather than an answer like “naturally” or “of course he did”. Well, the teenager finally told doctors he did it “to measure the length of his penis triggered by sexual curiosity.” But let’s not anticipate the story, so to speak.

When he tried to remove the USB cable from his urethra, he couldn’t. Instead, he noticed blood in his urine. This prompted him to go to the emergency room. Doctors first tried using a scope to remove the cable. And in this case, scope didn’t mean a kaleidoscope, telescope, or mouthwash.

Instead, they inserted a rigid cystoscope into her urethra. Such a scope can have a blade or a laser that can cut tissue inside the urethra to help loosen and remove the cable. While the words “blade”, “laser”, or “cut” next to the words “urethra” and “penis” may sound like a lot, like “OMG”, invasive, it is actually the least invasive way to treat a. urethral problem. However, this procedure could not remove the cable due to a knot in the USB cable. This led to the patient being transferred to the department of University College Hospital with more experience and expertise.

There, the teenager requested to be examined in the absence of his mother. After all, it wouldn’t be your usual mother-son conversation. The teenager then described to the doctors who wrote the case report everything that had happened. Doctors found no evidence of pre-existing physical or mental health problems.

Next, doctors took x-rays to confirm “the exact position and shape of the formatted node, and the patient has been transferred to the theater,” in the words of the case report. Here, theater meant operating room and not cinema or Broadway-type theater. It wouldn’t have been the time to see The Phantom of the Opera.

In the operating room, surgeons made an incision in his penis, noticed that the cable had been cut into two segments, and then removed the two segments. After stitching up his urethra and penis, surgeons then inserted catheters so that the urine could bypass the affected area for a while to allow it to heal. Two weeks later, doctors checked the area, found no leaks or excessive scar tissue, and removed the catheters.

It was certainly not the first case of someone trying to insert an object into their urethra. Where there is a hole, there is a way. The case report mentioned a lot of other things that people put in their urethra. This included other reports of needles, pins, wire, pistachio shells, plastic forks, spoons, metal screws, aluminum, pieces of cardboard or paper, staples, writing utensils such as pens and pencils, coaxial cables, spray foam sealant and other items, as described by a publication in Urology. Yes, apparently you could fill a desk drawer with things people put in their urethra.

Your penis, of course, is not a purse, pocket, or pincushion. You shouldn’t say to anyone, “Do you want me to wear this for you?” I can put it in my penis. It is a bad idea to store anything in your penis apart from happiness and whatever is already inside your penis naturally. If you want to measure the length of your penis, there is something called a ruler. If your answer is “Well the ruler is not long enough” then use two rulers, a tape measure, or a GPS. Or come back to this thing called reality.

If you want some sexual arousal, there are plenty of other options like talking in a bad way or discussing stock portfolios. And if you tend to do unusual and risky things when you’re drunk, don’t drink alcohol or wear a cast-iron chastity belt every time you do.

If you want to avoid getting pregnant, try a condom instead. Last month I covered for Forbes the case of a man who used an epoxy adhesive to seal the opening of his penis before having sex with his partner. It was an example of not having any glue on contraception.

There are many reasons why you shouldn’t put objects near or in your urethra besides “ooooooouuuch !!!! »You can introduce bacteria or other pathogens that can cause unpleasant infections. You can damage the inside of the urethra so that a narrowing or urethral structures occur and then block the passage of urine. You can puncture your urethra or even your bladder, which can be a surgical emergency. Oh, and if all of these other issues aren’t causing a problem, you may be affecting your ability to get an erection.

It is generally a bad idea to put computer equipment and accessories in your body. Of course, they don’t tend to have warnings on their packaging such as “do not use on your penis”. Likewise, your penis does not come with warning labels. However, keep such equipment away from your equipment. A Wi-Fi USB dongle can be called a dongle, but that doesn’t mean that a USB cable has to go into your, well, you see the picture.

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