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What exactly is happening with the Nintendo Switch Pro console? There were plenty of rumors about the upgraded version of popular gaming hardware that would run in brilliant 4K, but the new OLED model then came instead! But could the Nintendo Switch Pro still arrive?

Nintendo released the OLED on October 8, 2021, and it joined the original Nintendo Switch console that launched four years ago. The smaller Switch Lite has come sandwiched between the two. There is therefore no shortage of Switch consoles.

Both Sony’s PS5 and Microsoft’s Xbox Series X launched in 2020 and both of these consoles have fast SSD storage and stunning 4K graphics, so it makes sense that Nintendo is launching its own powerful new machine to follow the curve. There are still a lot of rumors and leaks but nothing concrete about it has emerged and given that we have only just received the OLED it shouldn’t be too surprising.

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But what about the Pro?

Nintendo Switch Pro release date

The Nintendo Switch Pro release date has yet to be confirmed, with Nintendo not even confirming the console’s existence in the public sphere.

Nintendo Switch OLED console arrived on October 8, but alas it wasn’t the Pro – it doesn’t have 4K support or a new processor. We were hoping for news at E3 2021 but Nintendo Direct came and left with nada to report Pro-wise!

So, as it stands, Nintendo Switch has not announced or confirmed a Switch Pro console. Nintendo superiors also avoided answering the question when pushed for a release date.

What we do know is that Nintendo recently confirmed that the current console is “halfway” in its lifecycle. As the original Switch console is now four years old, people thought we would have more to wait.

A report from Bloomberg claimed that Nintendo intended to start assembling the upgraded Switch consoles this month, with a view to selling them starting in September or October 2021. Now it looks like it was OLED rather than the Pro. .

In short, we have nothing concrete to tell us that a Pro version of the Switch is coming now. Chances are it never was, and it was always the OLED that was the source of the leaks. And given the chip shortage situation with the new consoles, we can’t see that pushing the Pro to the top of Nintendo’s priority list – for now at least.

Nintendo Switch Pro price

Without an official release date, there is no confirmed price yet. With the OLED costing $ 349.99 and £ 309.99 in the UK, we’d say expect a price increase. The new model would have better hardware and better performance and would be considered the top-of-the-range model.

Bloomberg Intelligence has predicted that the Nintendo Switch Pro could approach the $ 400 mark. “I still think Nintendo can generate strong demand even at $ 399.99,” analyst Matthew Kanterman said. He’s not the only one guessing that’s the price, either. Watch this space if the console ever appears.

Nintendo Switch Pro Specifications

There have been several reports of what to expect from the Nintendo Switch Pro and many believe that even with the new OLED model, it still happens. Most ask for 4K resolution support, especially now that the OLED model doesn’t, and a better battery is expected as well.

The current Switch has 32GB of storage, the OLED has 64GB. Battery life has already been improved on the Switch from 6.5 hours to 9 hours in the latest update as well.

Dataminer @SciresM claimed to have found a firmware update with more details suggesting the Pro will have the same processor, but the chipset will deliver higher performance using higher clock speeds and a better cooling system. They also said there will be a new look, an OLED display and 4k in docked mode.

We have no idea how true this is, but it does give you an idea of ​​the type of leaks and expectations.

OatmealDome, a known data miner, has found evidence of a new Switch dock that will support 4K visuals. This rumor appears to be backed up by Animal Crossing World, a fan-run website that spotted recent screenshots of Animal Crossing released by Nintendo that appeared to have been taken in 4K resolution.

The new console will retain the Switch’s famous dual play feature, allowing you to play games on your TV or in a portable fashion.

The general assumption is that the Nintendo Switch Pro will perform better and faster than its predecessor, regardless of which mode you choose to play your games. Some fans are hoping that extra-fast SSD storage could be included, allowing the console to significantly reduce load times.

The Ring Fit adventure should continue on the new Switch

Apparently there’s a fitness tracker as well, much like on your smartphones, and that would indicate that the ever-popular Ring Fit Adventure franchise will remain a top priority for Nintendo going forward – something that doesn’t surprise us.

Rumors abound that the new console will have an OLED display, in portable mode, which will certainly make the appearance of games much sharper.

Fans are also hoping for higher performance speeds, improved battery life, and maybe even improved functionality with Bluetooth – which is currently quite limited on the console.

We also hope that third party games will perform much better because while Nintendo exclusive games generally perform well there have been a lot of issues with porting games not created by the studio and any new console will need to rectify this to keep the console as good. a market leader.

Do I have to wait to buy a Nintendo Switch Pro?

If you buy a Switch now or wait for the Switch Pro. Well, it depends on when you want to start playing the best Nintendo Switch games the console has to offer.

When we thought the Pro might be out later this year, it felt like hold on fire and see what it looks like but now that we know it’s OLED, waiting wouldn’t be advisable. One of the main reasons for the shortage of Xbox Series X and PS5 consoles is the lack of chips right now and Nintendo is said to have the same issue with the Pro.

If it’s actually in development we think it will be a long way off and we’d be surprised to have it on the shelves this side of 2024.

And there are some great bargains to be found on the Switch right now, so if you fancy playing Mario Odyssey or can’t keep playing the New Pokemon Snap, you might be better off settling for it. ‘a Switch of the current generation. now.

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