Nintendo Switch is getting a new console update


Nintendo is rolling out its third software update in the past four weeks for the entire Nintendo Switch family of consoles.

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the nintendo switch is currently one of the best-selling video game consoles, with millions of units continuing to be sold each year. While gamers love being able to use the console on the go, Nintendo continues to improve the gamer experience through regular software updates. These often involve fixing bugs, fixing issues with the Switch’s software, as well as adding useful features for gamers.

So far in 2022, the Japanese giant has released a number of software updates for the console, including changes to how Bluetooth headphones are used on the system, as well as weekly missions and rewards centered on earning and spending Platinum Points on the Nintendo website. . The most significant of these upgrades arrived in March and ultimately brought one of the most fan-requested features, a way for gamers to organize their games into multiple groups on the device.


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According to Nintendo’s official website, the latest software version 14.1.1 is now rolling out to millions of players around the world. Unless there’s a new feature to highlight for gamers, Nintendo usually doesn’t divulge the finer details of their small updates. With this update, the console has been updated to improve the player’s experience with the Nintendo Switch.

On Twitter, however, Nintendo’s prolific dataminer OatmealDome also reports that there have been other changes to the Switch’s web browser, as well as updates to Nintendo’s banned word list. This list is often used internally and prevents players from choosing inappropriate usernames when creating their profiles. Details of what changed on the internal web browser have yet to be determined.

The patch notes might not suggest the most exciting update for gamers, but there have been recent rumors and leaks suggesting Game Boy Advance titles may be coming to Nintendo Switch Online soon. The timing of this Nintendo Switch update could be a hint that the company is readying system code for GBA games sooner rather than later, or it could mean that more features are on the way.

With the addition of groups to organize games and missions that earn platinum points in the last two updates, players are still hoping to see some features added to the Nintendo Switch in the future. The ability to customize the home screen with themes other than the standard white and black options has been high on the must-have list for gamers since the console launched in 2017 and continues to be in demand.

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Source: Nintendo of America

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