Nintendo Switch 2: Rumors and everything we know about the next console


Ever since the first Switch released in 2017, there have been rumors of a new, more powerful Switch, Super Switch, or Switch 2 coming out. The idea being that this upgraded console could handle a 4K screen, offer higher processing power, have increased storage capacity, and come with several other improvements.

To be honest, it’s highly unlikely that something like this will come out this late in the Switch’s lifecycle. It’s much more likely that Nintendo will release a next-gen console within the next three years to replace the Switch that might have some of these features. But that doesn’t stop fans from hoping for a Switch 2, nor does it stop rumors circulating about it.

If you want the latest Switch tech, you really should go for the Switch OLED, which was called Switch Pro before it was officially announced. The upgraded screen makes visuals crisper and sharper despite having the same resolution as previous Switch consoles. Still, if you’re interested in Switch 2 rumors, we’ve collected them all here for you to enjoy.

Nintendo Switch 2 Specifications

When it comes to specs for this supposed console, the sky seems to be the limit since Nintendo has never confirmed its existence. But the most recurring ideas are that the Switch 2 would offer a display capable of handling 4K, Joy-Cons with grips, longer battery life, improved storage, higher processing power for faster loading times and an improved user interface experience.

Now, it’s hard to pinpoint what Nintendo does, because the company never seems to do what you expect. In fact, he often does the opposite or goes completely out of left field with his ideas.

Limit expectations

Nintendo Playstation Xbox

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Nintendo occupies a very interesting place in the gaming industry. Instead of competing with the latest technologies like Sony and Microsoft, it tends to focus on a unique family-oriented gaming experience that doesn’t cost as much. That’s part of why it’s sold far more than any other console over the past two years and is one of the top five best-selling consoles of all time.

It’s also long been Nintendo’s style to work with older (much cheaper) technology to create unique gaming experiences. This has been happening for years, like when Nintendo decided the N64 would use cartridges while Sony decided to use CDs. This is one of the reasons the N64 was a commercial failure despite a strong and impactful legacy. More recently, we saw another example of using older technology with the original Switch which launched with only a maximum resolution of 1080p in TV mode despite 4K being common. Not to mention that it used the Nvidia X1 Tegra chip, which was already obsolete at the time.

So unless Nintendo suddenly decides to change its usual course and tackle the latest technology, we can assume that any potential Switch 2 will be technically behind. But as we’ve seen with the hybrid console, that doesn’t mean it can’t be innovative in other ways.

Anyway, it looks like Nvidia no longer produces the Tegra chip used in Switch, Switch Lite and Switch OLED (thanks PCMag). However, NintendoLife reported that Nintendo doubled its spending on raw materials in 2019. This may mean that it stockpiled several of these latest Tegra chips for its own use. Because otherwise, it could force the Japanese game company to upgrade, even if only slightly.

When will the Nintendo Switch 2 be released?

OLED Splatoon Edition Switch

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Nintendo has never said anything about a Switch that will have more processing power, offer 4K, and have all the other improvements rumors have been talking about. At the moment, the New Switch 2 is just a rumor and fan wish. We’ll update if that changes.

That being said, if Nintendo does eventually release another Switch iteration, it won’t be until next year. As Takashi Mochizuk tweeted, Nintendo said in a Nikkei report that “there will be no new Nintendo hardware this fiscal year, which ends March 2023” (thanks GamesRadar).

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Even then, “new Switch hardware” could refer to another Switch OLED iteration like the Splatoon 3 OLED rather than an upgraded Switch. Considering The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild 2 is set to release in “Spring 2023”, it’s also possible that the new hardware will just be another OLED iteration but with a Zelda theme to mark the sequel’s release.

What will make the Nintendo Switch 2 worth it?

Nintendo Switch Hori Split Pad Pro

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Although we’re Switch 2 cynics, we’d still love to have one if it offered these features:

Improved Joy-Con Grips: It’s no secret that Switch controllers are incredibly uncomfortable in adult hands because they’re small and don’t offer ergonomic grips. The next console would do well to fix this. This would probably help save people from having to buy one of the best third-party Switch controllers.

More drift: Nintendo has been taken to court multiple times over Joy-Con drift, an issue where controllers detect input but nothing touches them. This can cause your characters to move on their own or drift to one side, which can be very frustrating.

Soft screen: Many people noticed that the Switch screen is easy to be damaged because there is nothing to protect it. One solution is for the console to feature a clamshell design similar to the 3DS. A flexible screen could make this possible, but given Nintendo’s past decisions, it’s probably too new technology to use right now. Maybe one day on the road.

4K resolution for TV mode at least: It would be nice if the Switch’s handheld mode and TV mode could handle higher graphics, but that makes more of a difference on larger screens. We’d love to see more detail in our favorite games, like the massive world of the upcoming Breath of the Wild 2. If handheld mode could at least jump to 1080p, that would be a big improvement over what we have now.

Increased storage: The original Switch and Switch Lite only offer 32GB of internal storage (about enough for three big games) while the Switch OLED isn’t much better at 64GB (about enough for six big games). Instead of forcing everyone to grab a microSD card to increase storage capacity, it would be better if a new Switch offered more space to start with. At least up to the 128GB average that most phones offer these days.

Should I wait for the Nintendo Switch 2?

Nintendo Switch OLED model next to Switch V2 Luigis Mansion 3 with King Boo

Switch V2 on top with OLED Switch on bottom. (Image credit: Rebecca Spear/iMore)

Certainly not. There is absolutely no guarantee that Nintendo will release a Switch 2 before the launch of the next-gen Nintendo console. If you want the latest and greatest that Nintendo has to offer, you’ll want to grab the Switch OLED, which offers a larger OLED display that really brings out the colors and sharper details compared to previous Switch iterations.

Most consoles have an average lifespan of three to five years, although some more popular ones can run for seven years. The Switch launched in March 2017, which means we’re already over five years into its lifecycle. As such, Nintendo needs to prepare for the next-gen console and will likely release it within the next two to three years. So if you really want to wait for the next big thing, you’ll have to keep waiting.

Nintendo Switch 2 Concepts Created by Fans

Of course, everyone has different ideas of what the next iteration of Switch should look like and there are people who have created phenomenal concept ideas for it. Here are some of the most impressive.

Olivier Raymond’s concept art is a bit old because it was made before the release of the Switch Lite and Switch OLED. However, it still looks gorgeous and presents a glimpse of what a polished next-level Switch could look like. My favorite feature is the flat dock that allows the Switch to lie horizontally in TV mode.

CURVED Labs gives us a taste of the Switch 2 which offers a touchpad instead of a D-Pad, Joy-Cons that slide down to get longer, and a USB-C port sticking out of the back of the device rather than under it. Perhaps my favorite thing is the built-in screen cover that wraps around the screen.

Red Phoenix’s concept focuses on several improvements we’d like to see on a Switch device. These ideas include a smaller docking station, the ability to play tabletop mode on the docking station, front-facing speakers, and more.

Concept art for a new Nintendo Switch console by Katarzyna Penar

(Image credit: Katarzyna Penar at Lightframes)

One of the complaints people have for the Switch is that the screen remains unprotected when not in use. The solution that Katarzyna Penar shows us would be to have a dual clamshell screen similar to the 3DS.

While I’m not a huge fan of the bulky design of this concept, I find DZ Migo’s idea of ​​a pop-up screen very interesting. We’ve already seen a few ideas of a flexible Switch display that converts into a clamshell like the 3DS, but that’s another approach.

To change things

Like I said before, Nintendo is unlikely to release a more powerful Switch with 4K and higher processing power this late in the system’s lifecycle. On the contrary, these types of improvements are much more likely to be seen on the next-gen Nintendo console. That’s to say if Nintendo decides to go with another hybrid console design.

The best gaming experience Nintendo has to offer currently comes with the Switch OLED. It has an amazing OLED display that is bigger than previous Switch displays and improves the visuals amazingly.


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