New mobile cooking game Chef Squad now available on Android in Early Access only



New mobile cooking game, Chef Squad, is now available on Android in Early Access only

Squad of Chefs is the newest competitive cooking simulation game where you can create your own bistro and customize it to match your own style. It’s up to you to decide how you decorate your kitchen and dining room and how you control your employees. Players can build their own squad of chefs by hiring their favorites and firing unwanted ones.

Collect new recipes and travel the world through food, finding recipes from different countries. There are a plethora of recipes to add to your menu, such as hot fudge sundae, grilled cheese, beet salad, and buffalo wings. Fortunately, no real cooking skills are needed, so anyone can play. There is also a level of competition to this game. Players compete against other restaurants and street vendors in order to climb to the top of the serving food pyramid. As you gain more experience your business will grow, but in order to be successful you need to be strategic in how you run your kitchen and make the right financial decisions and investments necessary for any successful business.

Players start with a beginner-level bistro and must choose how to upgrade their restaurant to have more menu, kitchen and food court items and staff. The game features tasks to boost business expansion, such as having ten chefs, winning a regular customer, and berating other street vendors in a cooking contest. Once the tasks are completed, a reward is unlocked.

Hong Kong-based publishers HRGAMES, also known for developing the combat RPG Three Kingdoms: Epic War, have not yet announced the date of the global launch of Leader, cooking enthusiasts on iOS devices will therefore have to be a little more patient. The game can be downloaded from google play for an early access trial. Below is a detailed walkthrough of the gameplay if you want to see what the game will look like.




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