Netflix cut scenes from ‘Squid Game’ phone numbers over complaints


Netflix will publish its surprise hit, Squid game, after scenes featuring phone numbers of real people were accidentally included on the show.

A man in South Korea’s Gyeonggi Province was bombarded with about 4,000 calls a day after his phone number was revealed in the show’s first episode. The number was featured on several business cards, given by a mysterious man to several characters, inviting them to participate in the relentless survival game.

As The South China Morning Post report, some viewers called the number out of curiosity, registering their interest in “being in the game”.

“It’s gotten to the point where people are reaching out day and night because of their curiosity. It drains my phone’s battery and it turns off, ”the man said. “At first I didn’t know why, then my friend told me my number was out [in the series]. “

Squid game, which debuted on September 17, was the # 1 Netflix show in the world after its release. Netflix co-CEO Ted Sarandos said there was “a very good chance that this was our greatest show ever.”

The popularity of Squid game led South Korean ISP SK Broadband to sue Netflix following a significant increase in traffic.

In their Claim, SK notes that Netflix is ​​the second largest generator of data traffic in the country after Google’s YouTube, but the two sites are the only ones not paying the network usage fees that other companies (like Amazon, Apple and Facebook ) pay.

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SK-managed Netflix data traffic reportedly increased 24 times since May 2018 to reach 1,200 billion bits of data processed per second in September, following the success of several Korean Netflix productions, including Squid game and DP


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