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NetEase Games strategically partners with SocialPeta in mobile game advertising creations


SocialPeta is gaining recognition in mobile game marketing and partnering with leading developers.

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New Delhi, India – (Release the thread) – 02/09/2021 – The gaming industry becomes increasingly competitive when deep involution is the norm. Tightening national policies, Apple’s strict privacy protections, and the growing maturity of gamer habits put constant pressure on game developers, forcing the entire gaming industry, including the old greats, players, to thoroughly optimize development and promotion at all levels. An extremely important element in the game’s promotion strategy, data creations and analysis (CPA, CPI, CPM) have naturally been in the spotlight. The use of professional data analysis tools such as SocialPeta in making marketing decisions is increasingly recognized and attracts top producers, such as NetEase Games.

To optimise advertising creations to avoid involution

When looking at the game advertising market, all the top players in the market are good at creative advertising, but how to present the game in different formats and styles is essential, it is always a big challenge for companies. games.

In the case of NetEase Games, he knows the importance of the database and has shared his experience of working with a professional ad analytics tool, SocialPeta. They use SocialPeta to analyze creative data and gain insight into market trends.

SocialPeta’s creative analysis features cover the creative graph, the ad creative database with the analysis details. Users can search through a wide range of filters to find the information they want, such as trendy creative ideas, advertising strategies of competitors, media buying data in different networks, and more.

On the other hand, game developers invest a large amount of money in marketing, it is common to spend more on marketing than development in the game industry. This year, NetEase Games decided to acquire the SocialPeta’s “cost analysis” feature to help control costs and optimize promotion strategies.

Advertising cost intelligence is a feature added to SocialPeta in 2020, and many customers have already gained access to key metrics like CTR, CPC, CPM, and more. NetEase Games decided to continue the cooperation and use SocialPeta for data analysis.

Upgrade product features to increase data value

As a powerful tool, SocialPeta is widely recognized and recognized due to its functionality in market trends, latest designs, spying on competitors, etc. To keep adding new features to help more businesses improve their marketing performance, SocialPeta always adheres to prompt updates, such as as optimization features, adding more data, etc.

Since 2020, SocialPeta has seen three major updates

– Added two functionalities, Cost Intelligence and Audience Analysis, to allow companies to verify more details on the data in the marketing operation.

– Provide more advanced filters to meet the diverse needs of different businesses.

– Divided into three main parts – Global versions, Chinese version and e-commerce version to facilitate focus on business needs.

Without a doubt, in the data-driven world, the ability to operate with data is becoming one of the core competencies of businesses. More and more companies, such as NetEase Games, are bringing out the value of big data. As a data service provider, SocialPeta will continue to develop its skills to respond to more businesses in marketing campaigns and user acquisition.

About SocialPeta
Since its founding in 2016, SocialPeta has been committed to providing creative advertising to businesses around the world and helping them with their marketing campaign. Today, it is one of the largest advertising intelligence platforms in the world. Its huge database contains over a billion ad creatives from over 60 countries and its collection comes from 80 ad platforms such as Unity, Twitter, Youtube, Facebook, TikTok. It also includes more than 40 platforms exclusive to the Asian market, such as Zucks & Akane in Japan, Daum in Korea, Pangle, etc.

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