MultiVersus is the most popular fighting game on Steam, and it’s still in closed beta


Even before the game launched in open beta, MultiVersus is tearing up the Steam charts, beating all other fighting game competitors.

According to Steam Charts, MultiVersus has an average of 37,509 online players and peaks at 61,964. Some analysis by Event Hubs, a website specializing in fighting games, compared this information to the peaks and averages of 13 other games from major fights, and found that MultiVersus outranks them by tens of thousands of users. The next highest all-time spike, for example, is Dragon Ball FighterZ with 44,234 concurrent users. The combined total average of the other 13 fighting games studied is 28,902 overall.

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These are big numbers, especially since this only represents Steam players and the game is currently in closed beta. More and more people have been playing MultiVersus, along with all the other fighting games polled by Event Hubs, on console and off Steam. It is therefore worth considering these figures in their full context, as an illustration of an incomplete picture.

MultiVersus is a platform fighting game, think Super Smash Brothers, pitting various characters owned by Warner Bros. against each other. against each other. MultiVersus is going into open beta tomorrow, July 26. The game also announced that LeBron will join the fight when the open beta launches. Rick & Morty’s Morty will enter the fray two weeks later with the launch of Season 1, followed by Rick at a later date.

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